2019 has been the year that video email hit the mainstream, with 98% of recipients now experiencing autoplay video email at the moment they open their email. The adoption across eCommerce was particularly strong in response to the consistently high levels of return on investment video email drove across this vertical, with the 175% ROI achieved for UK retailer Oasis, a standout result.

The adoption of video email by major retailers and brands drove a 300% increase in volumes compared to 2018, and we are forecasting a 500% increase across 2020 with continued growth across retail and entertainment and strong interest across media, tourism and real estate.

The highlights of Playable in Review for 2019 are featured below.


  • A truly Global presence – Clients in 100 countries 


  • 1 trillion pixels of video analysed – this enabled us to optimize the video email experience for each and every recipient, thus ensuring the highest quality video email experience for all.


  • 100 million movie trailers watched on email – video email is firmly established as the most effective medium to drive awareness, engagement and ticket sales for the movie producers.




  • Published the worlds 1st video email advert – a video email advert for Channel 9 was booked and ran across Yaffa media’s AdNews email newsletter in Australia.


  • 100 million TV promotional videos watched on email – With the Global streaming war now in full force video email became the medium of choice to drive retention and activity rates across this highly competitive sector.



  • 300% year on year growth of video email volumes powered by Playable


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