How to embed Video in Oracle Bronto emails

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How to embed video in Oracle Bronto email campaigns

In this tutorial you will learn how to create, embed and send a Video Email using Oracle Bronto and Playable, that automatically plays at the moment of opening the email. 

Playable works seamlessly with Oracle Bronto Email Message Editor and Template Messages, so whether you prefer to create your template within Bronto, or upload your HTML, embedding Video within your Bronto messages is easy.



Seeing is believing

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Step by Step guide on adding video to your Oracle Bronto Emails

1. Log into your Oracle Bronto account

Once logged in simply follow the process to set up a new message as follows:

Navigate to the “Messagespage that sits under the “Messages” menu tab.

Select “Create new messagein the top right corner of the screen.

Enter a Message Name and choose the folder where you wish your new message to be saved to.

2.1 Select your Message Type - Email Message Editor

When creating your message within the Email Message Editor simply include an image placeholder in the position where you wish your video clip to be featured.

Make sure you also take note of the dimensions of the image, so you can use these to create your video edit to the correct size to replace the image placeholder.

You can view and change the dimensions of your image placeholder by clicking on the placeholder.

Once you have completed building your template and adding content click “Save Changes

2.2 Select your Message Type – Template Message


Select your email message type as “Template Message” you will then be prompted to Choose the Template for the message.

Select the template that you wish to use for the message from the templates and click Next.

Finally add a subject line and any header or footer you wish to include and then click “Save Changes

3. Create your Playable Account

If you are new to Playable you will need to create a new account.

All new accounts are offered the opportunity to test drive the platform for 30 days with 1,000 free plays.

To sign up you’ll simply need an email address.

You can upgrade your plan or purchase extra plays as needed.

4. Welcome to your Playable Account

Each time you log in to your Playable Account you will see your Playable Account dashboard, from here you can check out all your previous videos, review your account details and account profile.

To create your 1st video email you should select “Videos” and then the Add Video prompt.

5. Create your Playable Video Clip

Choose a title for your Video Email so you can find it later when you reach the embedding phase of the process and when you wish to check out the reports post campaign.

Upload your Video to Playable by either selecting your video file from your computer, dragging it into the editor screen or entering a URL of where it is hosted be it on YouTube, Vimeo, facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Brightcove or any popular video hosting platform.

Playable can handle all the popular video formats including mp4, avi, and movi.

Select the dimensions for your video clip, these should be the dimensions of the image which you are seeking to replace within your email template.

Once you have selected your video click the “Apply” button to upload your video file.

6. Edit your Video

Your video is now ready for editing. Our editor is designed to enable you to create a 10 second video clip from the full-length video you uploaded. It is this 10 seconds that will be published in your video email. In the editor you can crop the video to focus on your key content and select multiple clips to make up the 10 seconds.

As you are creating your video clip the editor will show you the duration of the clip and allow you to preview the edit and re edit until you are happy with your final cut. For a full preview of our editor features visit our Editor Page

To ensure your video fits perfectly into the allocated spot of your email template you can select the width and height that you’d like the final video to be published at using the dimensions of the image you are seeking to replace with your video clip. Once you have your final cut click “Continue”

7. Enhance your Video Email

You are now ready to add any enhancements to your video email including captions, a watermark, end card or footer.

Simply select the enhancements you wish to add and follow the onscreen prompts to add your chosen enhancements.

You now have completed creating your video email so click the “Compile” button.

Playable now compiles this video email creating over a hundred versions which will be used to ensure each recipient receives the video file most suitable for their device, bandwidth and connection.

8. Add Click Action

The Click Action is the page to which you wish to redirect any recipients of your video email who click on the video. This URL could be a link to a specific page on your web site, to the full version of the video on YouTube or Vimeo or perhaps to your Facebook page.

To set your Click Action, paste the URL of where you wish to re-direct respondent to into the field and click the tick button.

9. Embed your video into your Bronto message

Your video email has been successfully compiled so now it’s time to embed this video within your Bronto email template. The first step in this process is to select Bronto as the email platform that you are using to send your campaign from the drop down options.

The first time you set up a message a second drop down will appear requesting your Bronto SOAP token.

10. Linking your Bronto & Playable Accounts

By linking your Bronto & Playable Accounts you are enabling Playable to read and write content between Bronto and Playable.

To link you accounts return to Bronto and navigate to “Settings” in the left hand Navigation and select “Platform Settings” and Finally “Data Exchange” .

Here you will need to set up a SOAP API Access Token

Select “Add Access Token“, enter the Client Name, Playable and then select the permissions as Read and Write, and the Token as Active and finally click Save. An API Token will automatically be generated, simply copy this to your clipboard.

Once you have linked your Bronto and Playable Accounts your Bronto Messages will be available within the Playable console.

11. Embed your Video Clip

Select the Message name of the message you set up in Bronto earlier, on selecting this the Template will be shown within the Playable console.

The top image on the far right is our Template Message Email and below it is our Message Editor Email.

To embed your Video within the template click the image which you wish to replace with the Video, on hovering over the image it will glow with a Red border. 

12. Embed the Video Email into your Bronto template

To replace the image glowing red with your video clip simply click the image. Your video clip will now appear in place of the image.

For each type of Message Template you can see the image has been replaced by our video clip.

If you happy with what your Video Email template click the button “Create new campaign” and on the next page click on the link “Click to view your new campaign in Bronto” ensuring you are logged into your Bronto Account first.

13. Complete your Campaign set up in Bronto and test

You can now see a second version of each of the Messages we created in Bronto with the text “with Playable video 1234567” along side the message name set earlier.

To preview the video email simply click the Message name, we are showing the preview for both versions of our message.

Add your recipient list to the campaign and your test email addresses, proceed to test your campaign. 

Once you have purchased your Plays you’ll be ready to send either immediately, or by scheduling using the Bronto scheduling feature.

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