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Playable optimizes video engagement and ROI for marketers, using AI to remix and choose the best video content for each viewer.

Use AI to remix your marketing videos for optimal engagement

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Playable takes the guesswork out of video marketing and replaces it with data science

There’s hundreds of ways to edit your video content, and the chance that your gut instinct gets it right are very low, resulting in lost revenue.

Our patent-pending AI technology optimizes your video content for greater ROI across your social, web, mobile and email marketing campaigns.

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Video is the primary content type

Brains love video. We retain 95% of video information, compared to just 10% of textual information.

It’s no surprise that 80% of internet traffic is video, and that the majority of marketers agree video is the content type with the highest ROI. 

But video marketing has its problems

Results are unpredictable because video marketing is traditionally approached as art rather than science.

Creative fatigue is an uphill battle, causing cost-per-click to increase dramatically after your viewers see the same video repeated.

The solution is… data!

Data is used to optimize many aspects of your digital marketing – for example, A/B testing of website landing pages or email subject lines, and personalization or segmentation based on purchase history.

Playable uses previously untapped data to also solve these problems of video marketing.

AI Computer Vision and Videography

  • Content generation moves from art to data science.
  • Computer Vision deconstructs your content into objects, events, faces, and emotions.
  • AI Videography remixes 100's of video variations based on your marketing goals and data about what engages your audience.

AI Powered Editing

  • Tools to optionally edit your videos, add captions an end-card and engaging effects.
  • No need to surrender to the algorithms if you prefer to retain control.
  • No videography skills required

Omni-channel distribution

  • Distribute your optimized videos to social channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Add video email as a new marketing channel. Playable uniquely delivers autoplay video to 95% of inboxes via your existing email service provider.  Get Started with Video Email.

Machine Learning

  • The optimal video for each viewer is selected based on real-time engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Optimize based on click-to-open rates, or downstream basket and checkout events.

Get More Out Of Your Video Marketing

Playable delivers awesome results across social, web, mobile and email video marketing
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More attention

Beat creative fatigue and cost-per-click inflation with AI-generated video remixes.

More channels

Social, web, mobile, and now add email as a new marketing channel to benefit from the impact of video at large scale.

More results

Optimize your audience engagement and conversion using AI to deliver the best content for each viewer.

More and more

Continual improvement of video engagement and ROI by evolving your video marketing from an unpredictable art to a data science.

Optimize your video for any channel

Playable ensures the best performing video content from your source video is published across all channels.
Video Email that drives results. Viewers enjoy autoplay video at the moment of open on 95% of inboxes, with fully optimized high quality video. More details.

Playable works with all the popular email platforms including MailChimp, Bronto, SendGridSalesForce Marketing Cloud and Emarsys. Within 5 minutes you’ll be sending your 1st Video Email.

Send yourself a sample video email below, or watch a selection of video email campaigns for clients across Retail, eCommerceAutomotive, Real EstateTechnology, Entertainment, PublishingTravel, Sport and Non-Profit.


Create professional videos optimized for maximum engagement and response, at speed & scale.


Our AI dramatically simplifies and accelerates video creation. Whether a beginner or expert, start creating more responsive and engaging videos today.

Tell your story with short-form videos that are perfect for sharing. Instantly generate vertical, horizontal and square videos and publish them to your social networks.

Overcome creative fatigue and CPC inflation with AI-generated video remixes.

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