Make Your Video Marketing More Effective

Go from guesswork to data science. Data-driven video marketing by Playable.
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Facebook and Instagram Video

Publish video in your Posts or Social Ads that drive more response, more shares and deeper engagement by replacing gut instinct with data science in your content creation process.

Video Email

Reach 98% of your email audience in the body of any email, on any device, on any connection, at the moment of open, with  high quality autoplay video email.

Video Content

Create and edit your video content based on data science rather than gut instinct to create the most engaging content which your visitors will watch from start to finish.

Data driven Video Marketing

Playable unlocks the data which sits within every video to create the most effective video for each marketing channel.
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More Effective Video

Publish more effective video by using data from the analysis of 1,000’s of video campaigns to curate AI-generated video remixes.

More ROI

Continual improvement of video engagement and ROI by evolving your video marketing from an unpredictable art to a data science.

More results

Optimize your audience engagement and conversion using AI to expose the best video content to deliver against the campaign objective, for each viewer.

More effective Video Marketing

There's hundreds of ways to edit your video content, and the chance that your gut instinct results in the most engaging & responsive edit are very low. Playable uses data science to select the most effective video content to deliver greater ROI across social, email and web
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