Grow sales and lifetime value by delivering interactive videos to everyone.

Retrain your audience to increase conversions and brand awareness.

Playable customers increase open, engagement and conversion rates.

Increase click through rates

marketing costs

Increase sales conversions

We make it simple and net budget-positive to run interactive video campaigns to generate RAPID ROI and long-term growth.

Low Risk – High Reward

No technical resources needed

No integration projects needed

Pay-as-you-go model

What Our Customers Say

Playable makes it super simple to re-configure our video assets for email, and then send in the normal way via our ESP… Our customers are continuing to show their preference for this medium evidenced by the response and engagement uplifts.

– Bree Salzman, Retail Marketing Manager at M.J. Bale

There are so many great videos to choose from, and it’s easy to use Playable to embed these in my campaigns.

– Nancy Newsom, Founder of plant-based skincare retailer Botanic Organic

Bringing brands to life and harnessing the power of video is the core of what we do so implementing ‘Playable’ into Electronic Direct Mail campaigns for clients is a no brainer.

– Drew Barry, Design Director at Design Collective

Until now, video in email hasn’t been a possibility. It’s all about grabbing the attention of the audience to increase engagement within the email itself while boosting the likelihood of click through. Partnering with Playable has presented us with a real opportunity to innovate.

– Will Everitt, Director of Digital Product & Technology at Pacific Magazines

Emails that featured responsive video drove an extraordinary 175% increase in revenue. Overall customer engagement was also significantly improved, leading to a 20% rise in click through rates.

– Sophia Holland Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager at Oasis.

We’ve seen a huge increase in engagement and click through rates, helping us leverage our investment in video throughout email marketing.

– Graeme Wadhams, Marketing Manager at Curchods 
Real Estate

Mailchimp Video Email campaigns have delivered click through rates way beyond any previous static image based promotions. Adding video to Mailchimp emails with Playable is super easy, with no tech know how required.

– Steve Schattner, President at Imperium

Reduce unsubscribes
Playable Case Studies, 2023


% of customers loyal

Loyal customers are more likely to purchase again.

Brands with superior customer experience outperform their competitors by 85%.

Experience-led growth: A new way to create value March 23, 2023 | Mckinsey

Playable Interactive Engagement Design and Delivery

Transform your brand assets into engaging and persuasive experiences.

Video Email

Cross Channel Video

In-App Video Marketing

Behavioral Data

SMS Video Marketing

WhatsApp Video Messaging

How It Works



Use your videos, images, and assets to create compelling experiences that increase audience engagement, conversions, and brand awareness.


Use Playable’s Engagement Designer to add interactive elements to your video such as Footer, Watermarks, Captions, and Links. Additionally, you can verify mobile device rendering in less than a minute.


Send to All end points

Copy and paste Playable’s embed code into your marketing message and send! Every user will get the highest quality interactive video possible.

Integrated With Every  ESP and CCMH

Multiply the value of cross-channel marketing with Interactive Video


Add interactive video experiences to your Listrak multichannel messages to generate incremental ROI. Accelerate identity resolution with first-party data.


Add HD interactive videos to your Klaviyo marketing messages to increase email engagement, response rates, and sales.


Add Interactive videos to your campaigns from your Mailchimp account.
Increase response rates, engage your audience, and sell more with interactive video marketing.


Video Email Playable On iPhone Mail Inbox


Install Playable from the AppExchange. Add HD interactive videos to your multichannel messages to increase click-through rates by over 30% and sales conversions by over 50%.


Add interactive videos from your Emarsys Add-On menu.
Interactive video experiences collect customer data while engaging your audience to generate Rapid ROl and Long-Term Growth.


Add interactive videos to your Braze messages to drive more customer engagement.  Retrain your audience to increase click-through rates by over 30% and sales conversions by over 50%.

Fortune 50 and Small and Midsize Enterprises Trust Playable

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Easily to Use

Interactive Engagement

Multiple Channels

Understand Customer Behavior

Jump-Start Knowledge Transfer

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