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5,000 Plays included
  • Videos include brief “Powered by Playable” message
  • Advanced Reports (Location, Day-Parts, Email Client) are not available
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10,000 Plays included
  • Additional Plays cost $0.008
  • Email and chat support
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500,000 Plays included
  • Additional Plays cost $0.005 to $0.006
  • 18×5 or 24×7 email, chat and phone support
  • Stream LIVE video into your emails
  • Monetize your email list with sponsored video content
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Pricing Calculator

50,000 Plays / month = US$399

All Plans include:

  • Use any video from your computer, YouTube channel, or content management system
  • Smart Video Editor – fast & easy WYSIWYG video editing
  • Add captions, a watermark, an end-card, and a video footer
  • Unlimited videos – create as many video emails as you like
  • Test & publish your video email via any email system
  • Video hosting and content delivery

Where are my videos hosted?

  • Pricing includes all hosting and content delivery costs. Playable uses Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery network, to securely deliver your videos to your audience with low latency and high transfer speeds.
  • Contact us if you prefer a custom solution with content served from your own infrastructure.

What counts as a Play?

  • 1 “Play” is when an email recipient opens your email and the video starts playing.
  • 1 Play includes unlimited loops, if the video loops.
  • Unopened emails are not counted as a Play.
  • When someone has turned off images on their email app, it will not be counted as a Play.
  • Desktop Microsoft Outlook 2007-2016 on Windows (usually less than 5%) displays video as a static image, so we don’t count those as a Play. The majority of Outlook users now open their email on mobile, which fully supports Playable video.
  • When someone opens the email multiple times, on multiple devices, or forwards the email to a friend, additional Plays will be counted each time the email is opened and the video starts playing.

What happens to my unused Plays?

  • Basic, Select and Enterprise plans include rollover: Included Plays that are unused will be available the next month as Rollover Plays.
  • Included Plays are consumed before any Rollover Plays from the previous month.

When are payments due?

  • License fees are charged at the beginning of your billing month / year.
  • Overage fees – if you exceed your Included Plays and Rollover Plays – are charged at the end of billing month. Playable may contact you to discuss interim payments.
  • Contact us if you prefer to be invoiced for an Enterprise License.
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