Additional Pricing

Live Video Email pricing starts at USD1,200 per event. More details.

Please contact us for details of 24×7 Enterprise Support, and Phone Support for more than 10 Users.


Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a "Play"?
  • 1 “Play” is when an email recipient opens your email and the video automatically starts playing.
  • 1 Play includes Unlimited loops, if you have chosen for your video to loop.
  • Unopened emails are not counted as a Play.
  • When someone has turned off images on their email app, it will not be counted as a Play
  • Desktop Microsoft Outlook 2007-2019 on Windows (usually between 0.5% and 2% of recipients) displays video as a static image, so we don’t count those as a Play. The majority of Outlook users now open their email on iOS/Android/, which all fully support Playable video. Playable video is now supported on newer versions of Outlook 365 for Windows.
  • When someone opens the email multiple times on the same device, Playable asks the device to cache the video so that subsequent opens will not trigger additional Plays.
  • When someone opens the email on multiple devices, or forwards the email to a friend, additional Plays will be counted each time the email is opened and the video automatically starts playing.
  • While you are designing and testing your email template, any Playable videos within your email do incur serving costs, however we will do our best to excluded those from being counted as Plays.
Can I get a Free Trial?
  • Yes, it’s free to setup an account and explore Playable. No credit card is required.
  • Our 30-day Free Trial includes access to the core features of Playable for you to understand the benefits & advantages of how Playable can drive your marketing results and business ROI.
  • To use Playable with your ESP we recommend signing up for our 1 month Professional plan. This will allow you to run your campaigns and test audience reaction to a richer, more immersive email experience.
What happens if I use more than my included Plays?
  • If you are on the Free Trial, no worries, the “Powered by Playable” branding will be increased and your videos will continue to be delivered for a while, before being replaced by a static image.
  • If you are on a Lifetime plan (e.g. AppSumo), no worries, your videos will continue to be delivered for a while, before being replaced by a static image until the end of your month. Alternatively, you can upgrade to another plan to restart the delivery of your videos.
  • If you are on any other plan, no problem! Your video emails will continue to be delivered. You will be charged for additional Plays at the end of the month. You may want to upgrade to a higher plan to enjoy lower pricing per Play.
How can I remove the Playable branding from my video?
  • Playable branding is added to videos and click-through links created during the Free Trial, and lesser branding is added to videos created under Lifetime plans (e.g. AppSumo). To remove the Playable branding, or if you need a higher volume of Plays, upgrade to one of our paid plans.
Where are my videos hosted?
  • All our plans include all hosting and content delivery costs. Playable uses Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery network, to securely deliver your videos to your audience with low latency and high transfer speeds.
  • Contact us if you prefer a custom solution with content served from your own infrastructure.
When are payments due?
  • License fees are charged at the beginning of your billing month or year.
  • Overage fees – if you exceed your included Plays – are charged at the end of each billing month. Playable may contact you to discuss interim payments.
  • Contact us if you prefer to be invoiced for an Enterprise License.
Can I switch between plans?
  • Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan at any time.
  • If you upgrade to a plan of the same billing interval, your license costs will be pro-rata adjusted and shown on your next invoice. If you upgrade to a plan of a different billing interval, your license costs will be pro-rata adjusted and shown in a new invoice created at the time of the upgrade.
  • When you upgrade, you can enjoy the new higher Plays quota immediately. This is one way to reduce your cost if you have gone over quota towards the end of the month.
  • If you downgrade to a cheaper plan, the change will come into effect from your next invoice. Your Plays quota for the current invoice period will not be affected.
What about my old plan that isn’t listed above?
  • Don’t worry, you will be grandfathered on your existing plan at the original cost, and including the original number of Plays that you signed up for. You can switch to one of the new plans at any time if you prefer.