Video Email Marketing

Video Email engages your audience, delivers increased response and helps drive sales.
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Video Email engages your audience and delivers results

Reach 98% of your email audience in the body of any email, on any device, on any connection, at the moment of open, with high quality autoplay video email.

Video Email that works with all the popular email platforms

Send your Video Email using your preferred email platform (ESP) with no IT integration required. Within 5 minutes you’ll be sending your first Video Email.

We've got you covered

Think of Playable as your very own Video Email department with enterprise grade infrastructure, an easy to use platform that embeds video in email and support when you need it.

Video Email - How does it work?

Upload your video to create a 10 second clip with our powerful, easy-to-use Editor. We then create all the formats required to ensure all recipients receive an optimized version of the video email, no matter what connected device they use.

The video opposite provides a quick snapshot of our video editor and product features, which makes embedding video in your email campaigns quick and easy.

Reach 100% of your audience with Video Email

While over 80% of us read email first on mobile, Playable’s Video Email is optimized for all email connected devices, streaming video to tablets, laptops, desktops and mobiles.

Embed any video in email

Use any YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram video to create your Video Email by simply copy and pasting the videos url, or upload your video content from your desktop. All video formats are compatible with Playable.

Test, track, report and optimise in real time

Monitor how your Video Email is performing and how your audiences are engaging with deep analytics & video email specific reporting, including real time A.I. controlled A/B Testing.

Seeing is Believing

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Video Tutorial: How to embed video in email

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Playable is helping companies large and small to drive response, engagement and sales with Video Email Marketing.
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