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The questions we most frequently get asked are answered below. If we don’t answer your question below please contact support by clicking the support icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

What video formats can Playable work with?

Drag and drop your video into the Playable console or provide a URL and we’ll import your content. Playable works with all the popular video formats and video platforms, from YouTube to Brightcove and from MP4 to Mov.

How do I embed my Playable video clip within my email template?

You can embed your Playable Video clip within your email template in two ways;

1. Copy and paste the Playable HTML snippet

Once you completed the creation of your Video Email clip the next step is to embed this clip within your email template. To do this you simply copy the Playable HTML snippet and then paste this code into your HTML template, being careful to select the position of where you wish the video content to appear within the template.

To ease this process we recommend that you place an image as a placeholder in your HTML template as you are creating this. This approach makes it easier to then simply replace this placeholder with your video clip.

2. Point and click using a one of Playable’s integrated email platform

Playable is integrated with many of the popular email platforms. These integrations are designed to make the process of creating a video email seamless with your preferred email platform. We have created tutorials for each of the integration we have developed which can be found here: MailChimp, Salesforce, SendGrid, Campaign Monitor and Emarsys.

How do I remove the ‘Powered by Playable” graphic from my video clip?

You can remove the “Powered by Playable” graphic by upgrading to our Basic plan which starts at $99/month and includes 10,000 plays. Upgrade here

Why is the recommended duration for a video clip to be embedded within email set at 10 seconds?

The maximum duration of a video email clip is recommended to be 10 seconds, this duration is based on ensuring all recipients receive the very best video email experience at the moment of opening the email. Stretching the duration beyond this 10 seconds has a significant impact on the quality of the video which your recipients will experience.

Is Playable just sending animated GIFs?

No, Gifs are just one of the multiple video formats we use, with recipients receiving the video format which will deliver the best video email experience, relative to their device and connection type. More details in our article Why embedding Video in email is better than a GIF.

Can I include more than one video clip within my email template?

Yes you can include multiple video clips within the same email template.

Will my video email clip include audio when recipients view it?

Playable’s audio feature is compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple mail representing 45% of the email universe, the remaining 55% of email apps will continue to experience video with audio on click through to the hosted video

Does Playable send the Video Emails?

No, Playable does not send emails. To send your Video Email clips created within Playable you will need to use an email sending platform. Playable works with all the popular email platforms including MailChimp, Salesforce, SendGrid, Campaign Monitor and Emarsys. Our full list of email partners are listed here.

Which email platforms can I use to send my Video Email?

Playable works with all the popular email platforms, you can find a full list here.

Contact us if you don’t see your preferred email platform in the list and we can help add it.

What amount of data do Playable videos use?

Playable’s video payload varies between 0.4MB and 4.4MB depending on device, screen density, email app, and network conditions. The Playable compression technology makes videos smaller in file size and larger in duration (watchable content) than the comparable gif.

Microsoft Outlook payload is between 0.02MB and 0.1MB – lower because only a static image is needed.

Does Playable work for all email apps?

Playable is compatible with 100% of email apps.  About 5% of email inboxes (desktop Windows Microsoft Outlook versions 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 and the now defunct Windows Phone 7) are incapable of displaying video and instead display a static image that Playable automatically creates from the video.

Most Outlook users now open their email on a mobile Outlook app first, which all support Playable video, reducing the % of audience who cannot enjoy video within the email to below 3%.

I don’t have any video content, can Playable help create some?

No, Playable does not create video content but lots of great video content is available at reasonable prices from the Stock Video sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Videohive and Pixabay. Once you have your video content simply upload it to Playable from where you can edit it to create the video clip to be included in your video email campaign.

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