Strategic partnership enables NRL to achieve deeper fan engagement through its key marketing channel with Playable’s video marketing service. 

Sydney, Australia. July 28th 2019: The NRL credits data-driven video marketing specialist, Playable for driving increased response and improving fan engagement. 

The NRL has partnered with Playable to utilise video email to surface more video content to fans. Playable has enabled NRL to enrich their existing communications and deliver new formats of communications to fans. 

NRL recognised that its fan base had a high preference for email communications and video content, with an objective to differentiate its email program to capture their fans’ attention. Playable’s technology allows NRL to utilise its core asset (video) to deliver against this objective by embedding video within their email campaigns.

Within the first 2 months of the partnership, Playable has been used to support a vast array of campaigns including ticketing, Promotion of the Origin Series  and commercial partnerships

The results of these campaigns have shown that including video within the emails has a significant impact on all the key metrics: with click-through rates (CTR) improving by up to 7x and a 14% increase in post-email engagement.

Mark Tovbis, Customer Marketing Lead at NRL summed up the campaign perfectly, “Great content and leveraging direct relationships to reach and engage our fans are central to our capacity to drive interest and excitement around our game. Partnering with Playable has allowed us to take our strongest content format (video) direct to our fans in a unique and effective way.

Bob Hitching, CEO at Playable says: Which is more likely to grab your attention as a reader – a long, text-heavy email or a video? It’s widely accepted that today, video is among the best performing digital content types, on pretty much every social and digital platform. Video drives more consumer response, guides purchase behaviour, and can more effectively stop your audience from scrolling on by. We’re delighted to have helped NRL achieve business objectives and look forward to building on these early wins.”

About NRL

Rugby League is Australia’s most entertaining and popular sport. With a rich history dating back to its creation in 1908, Rugby League telecasts have grown to be the most watched programs on Australian television.

The NRL Telstra Premiership is the closest elite sporting competition in the country and the Holden State of Origin series between New South Wales and Queensland is Australian sport’s greatest rivalry.

At its heart, Rugby League is a community-based sport played by hundreds of thousands right across Australia, especially in country areas. 

About Playable

Playable is an easy-to-use platform that optimizes your video content to drive the maximum audience engagement and response from your Video Marketing Campaigns. Founded in 2016, Playable is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in, Sydney and Melbourne.



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