Video Email for Nonprofit

Generate a stronger emotional connection with your donors and volunteers using Video Email
Playable’s Video Email empowers nonprofits to convey emotive, meaningful and impactful videos within their email campaigns, to enhance donor & volunteer relationships, and deliver fundraising goals.

Video Email marketing will help you exceed your goals and create opportunity for more innovative engagements.

Including video in your email campaigns is proving to be highly cost-effective at maximizing contributions and re-engaging lapsed donors.

Video Email brings to life your email campaigns delivering impact when it matters during ongoing and emergency fundraising pushes.

Maintaining a relationship with past donors can be challenging, Video Email is assisting with reigniting relationships with lapsed donors by producing powerful emotive imagery within branded videos.

Video Email is proving to be a powerful addition to the nonprofit marketers tool set as it successfully secures and retains the viewers attention, leading to a shift of up to X10 in responses and X8 uplift in engagement, as measured by time on site.

Playable is empowering nonprofits to include video within their emails, with an online video editor, optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers and real time analytics.

Seeing is Believing

Send yourself an example of a video email campaign designed to drive response, engagement and conversions

Playable creates 10 second clips of videos which can then be sent using all the popular email service providers. 

Latest Video Email Campaigns

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Video email for nonprofits

Email marketing is critical to successful nonprofit campaigns, Playable is evolving email to include the content which non profit supporters prefer…. Video.
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