Customer Success Story: Using live Video in email to build online live sports audiences

The Client

A Global sports publisher and broadcaster delivers video sports content via TV broadcast, web, mobile apps, OTT, smart TV apps and game console apps.

The Challenge

The publisher was sending out millions of emails prior to the start of their broadcasted fixtures designed to drive views of the fixture online. They used a simple call to action in each of the mailings: “The match is about to start, watch it here live”

The issue was that these emails were being opened over a prolonged period of a few hours – normal for any email campaign – but a problem when the content you are promoting is live now and relegated to history within a couple of hours at which time the email becomes irrelevant and ineffective.

Our clients only option was to send multiple emails during the fixture, with updates on the score and key plays. Though this proved ineffective as it still failed to engage the audience as the game was in progress and ran the risk of over mailing the audience that would quickly further degrade response rates.

 The Solution 

Playable provided the client with the ability to include a live steam of the fixture within their emails, so on opening a 10 second snippet of the live game would be played to the recipient, with a call to action to catch the game now live. Once the game had finished this live stream was switched to a 10 seconds of highlights promoting the recipient to check out the full highlights.

Playable’s video email platform was used to ingest live video streams in real-time, and compile and transcode the video into the hundreds of versions to deliver an optimal video email experience for every member of the audience.

Experience the Campaign in your inbox

Live Email Marketing During Live Events

Sports Playable's live video email marketing drives audience involvement before and during any live events, including sports, music, corporate, etc

Campaign Results

  • Engagement uplift up to 7.2x – 10.9x versus a static screen shot of the fixture, as measured by CTOR (click to open rate).


  • Engagement uplift up to 7.6x as measured by post click time on site