Google is helping businesses create short, promotional videos for YouTube with the launch of a free beta tool. YouTube Video Builder is designed to make video creation quick and easy with no need for any previous editing experience or any video content, as it’s designed to create a video from your choice of still images.

“Because businesses of all sizes are strapped for time and resources and in-person video shoots are no longer practical in many countries, we are accelerating the next stage of Video Builder availability.”

Video Builder allows businesses to create 6 second or 15 second videos using a variety of layouts, in a similar way to the templates provided by ESP’s, where easily creating an email design is the objective.

The tool is designed to animate static assets, so no actual video footage is required. Businesses upload their own images, text, and logos which are then generated into a short video.

During the video creation process you can customize colors and fonts, and even add music from Google’s royalty-free library.

When a video is created and uploaded it can be used however you wish, including within a video email campaign using Playable.

The video builder makes it super easy to create a video clip perfect for video email, as it enables you to use images you have to hand, apply your brand colours and fonts and then add text overlays, which are perfect for calling out promotional offers and call to actions.

Here’s an example of what a video created by Video Builder looks like:

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