BODYCRAFT embrace video email to demonstrate their fitness equipment

BODYCRAFT were seeking to fully leverage their investment in video by featuring it across all their customer facing channels, including email.

Playable enabled BODYCRAFT to edit and embed a 10 second clip derived form their existing video footage, into their email with ease, ready for sending via Mailchimp.

The campaign featured a demonstration video for their Power Rower, which delivered a highly immersive autoplay video experience at the moment of opening the email, successfully engaging email prospective buyers and driving many to click through to view the full video demo, featured on

“Jason Luedeke , Creative Director at BODYCRAFT commented: Our customers are increasingly showing a strong preference for video content which now plays a prominent role on our website, most specifically when demonstrating our products. Email marketing continues to be a key channel for us, so to fully leverage our investment in video, we sought to combine our best content with our most effective channel. Playable’s solution made it effortless to create our video email content and then embed within our Mailchimp campaign with a couple of clicks. 

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Bodycraft Targets Home Fitness With Video

Health Fitness Bodycraft conveys the current importance of home fitness with quality product videos helping customers make educated purchasing decisions.

  • Openers who viewed the whole video clip 93% 93%

Campaign Details

  • Client:
  • Campaign: BODYCRAFT Power Row promotion
  • Video Email Content: 10 second edit
  • Audience: Opt ins to BODYCRAFT communications
  • Objective: Drive traffic to view the full product demo and specifications
  • Campaign Execution: Set-up and deployed by BODYCRAFT Marketing team
  • Landing Page: Power Row purchase page

Campaign Review

  • A high quality video experience was delivered to 100% of the BODYCRAFT audience
  • Response rates exceeded expectations
  • Positioned BODYCRAFT as the leading innovative fitness equipment supplier, being the first US supplier to embrace video email.


BodyCraft® was founded in 1994 with the simple mission of helping as many people as possible achieve their wellness goals. Bodycraft’s passion lies in creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, affordability and motivation. Every BODYCRAFT product is built to fulfill each of these purposes