Released today 23rd May 2019 in BandT: Pacific has partnered with video marketing platform Playable, becoming the first publisher in the Australian market to adopt in-email video.

Playable is a platform that optimises video content to drive audience engagement and response through video marketing campaigns

Headquartered in San Francisco, Playable was founded in 2016 and is currently being utilised in other markets by brands including Warner Bros and Red Bull.

The platform allows the insertion of video within the body of an email which can be edited with Playable’s built in artificial intelligence tools. It delivers an enhanced experience for audiences and is proven to drive three times the conversions and five times the engagement of email campaigns compared to the use of static images.

Pacific has been trialling the product since the start of 2019 and in the coming weeks, it will roll out across Pacific’s stable of brands. It will also be available to commercial partners.

Pacific’s director of digital product and technology Will Everitt said: “Until now, video in email hasn’t been a possibility. It’s all about grabbing the attention of the audience to increase engagement within the email itself while boosting the likelihood of click through.

“Partnering with Playable has presented us with a real opportunity to innovate.”

Pacific’s commercial director Nicole Bence  said: “As Pacific evolves and scales our branded content offering, Playable offers a direct to consumer distribution solution to engage the most loyal advocates of our life and style brands.”

Playable’s CEO and co-founder Bob Hitching said: “Playable is excited to provide Pacific with the ability to increase its marketing return on investment by combining video – the most engaging content type – with email, the best performing marketing channel.”

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