Make your Social Media Video Marketing more effective

Playable delivers lower cost per sales, more clicks, shares and likes by using AI to select and remix the best video content for your Social Media posts and ads.

Social Media Video Ads

Data analysis of 1,000’s of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube video ad campaigns is used to select and remix your video content to curate the most effective video to meet your Social ad Campaign objectives, be it cost per sale, shares or likes.

Social Media Video Posts

Different video content is effective at driving shares, likes and sales. Playable identifies the frames within your video content which will be most effective at delivering the campaign objective and then curates these into video posts ready for publication in your social feeds.

Discover how Playable uses AI to remix video which engages your audience and drives incremental response

Create videos

Current queue time is 5-10 minutes.

Example of a Playable AI video remix

Here’s a 10 second AI remix for Apple Watch created automatically from the 3 minute original. More remixes.

Data driven video marketing

Playable remixes your video based on data science to deliver more shares, & likes and lower cost per sale.

How does the AI work?

Playable replaces gut instinct with data science to create edits of your video based on the analysis and performance of 1,000’s of social video ads across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

AI that Continuously Learns

Playable’s machine learns with every campaign, improving and evolving its video knowledge base, and generating valuable data-based insights into how different video elements resonate with different audiences. 

Immediate Impact

Playable’s plug and play approach allows you to get started immediately with any social platform and experience significant results in days, multiplying impact, and avoiding the massive data integration hurdles typical of other AI projects
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