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Emarsys, part of SAP, is the omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for more than 1,500 companies worldwide.

Playable is an Official Emarsys Partner.

Playable is fully integrated with the Emarsys Platform, making it quick and easy to add video to your Emarsys email campaigns.

Learn more below, by quickly adding a free video to your Emarsys campaign, or by watching the video guide, or reading the step-by-step tutorial.

You can also also request a demo of how Playable works with Emarsys to accelerate email marketing outcomes such as increased checkout sales.

Start your 30-Day Free Trial today – no credit card required.

We also recommend that you ask Emarsys to add Playable to your Emarsys Add-On Menu, so you can enjoy single sign-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I embed video in my Emarsys email?

Video is easily added to your Emarsys email campaign, using the Playable Add-On. Simply upload the video to Playable, copy the Embed Code, and paste it into an Emarsys Scripting Language block in Emarsys.

How is Emarsys Scripting Language used to add video content to my emails?

Simply paste the video Embed Code from Playable into an Emarsys Scripting Language block when creating your email template. The Embed Code is optimized for Emarsys to ensure the best video viewing experience for all email recipients.

How long does it take to add video to Emarsys email campaigns?

In just a few minutes you can be sending video email campaigns from Emarsys. Simply upload your video into Playable and copy the Embed Code into your email template via the Emarsys Scripting Language pop-up box.

What are the benefits of installing Playable as an Emarsys Add-On?

It is recommended to ask Emarsys to install Playable in your Add-On menu, so you can enjoy the benefits of single sign-on, and securely manage your access to Playable Video Email using your Emarsys account credentials.

What is the quality of video playback in emails sent using Emarsys and Playable?

Playable delivers the highest quality video formats, including MP4 and HEVC, to each email recipient depending on their device, email client and networking conditions, so that every recipient enjoys the highest possible playback quality.

Seeing Is Believing

Enter your email address to send a sample video email to your inbox. Mouseover the video to preview the full campaign.

Memphis Zoo Creates Memories With Video

Theme parks The Memphis Zoo can invite families to their facilities with these entertaining high-quality video emails, as easy as opening their inbox.

Enjoy The Zoo From Your Inbox

Theme parks San Diego Zoo's video showcasing the evolution of the Safari Park on its 50th anniversary highlights the powerful impact of video in email.

Video Brings The Show To Your Email

Gambling With HD video email, we'll get ready to buy tickets to sing along in Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw shows!

Dinner Is Served At LongHorn Steakhouse

Restaurants Grill season is here, and LongHorn Steakhouse's delicious cut of meat and most popular dishes will make customers crave with video emails.

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