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Video is the most engaging content. Email is the most trusted channel.

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Is your business putting lots of effort into producing your Youtube videos, but you’re not getting as many views as you want?

If you want to get lots more views of your Youtube videos, you could always pay to promote your videos, however that costs between 10c and 30c per view.

Alternatively, here’s something better you can do, that costs less than 1c per view.

Your business can quickly and easily increase video views by 10x to 50x by embedding your video in an email campaign and sending it out to your email list.

Learn more below, by watching the video guide, or reading the step-by-step tutorial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a YouTube video playable in email?

Yes you can upload your YouTube video to Playable, copy the Embed code, and Paste into your email platform. Send your campaign in the normal way and your YouTube video will play automatically within the inbox when the email is opened.

Does Playable send the YouTube video as an email attachment?

No, the video is not sent as an attachment to your email. The video is delivered at the moment of open, and is optimized based on the device, the email client and the network conditions, so that each recipient enjoys the highest possible quality of playback.

What's the benefit of playing my YouTube videos in my email campaigns?

As well as increasing the reach and return-on-investment of your video marketing, adding YouTube videos to your email campaigns also increase the engagement and conversion of your email marketing.

Will my YouTube videos get more views when I send them over email?

Adding video to your email means that many more people will view your video content, even though these additional views do not directly increment the tally of views counted by YouTube. However, if your video email clicks through to your YouTube channel, then the increased engagement of your email will also drive additional views on YouTube.

Seeing Is Believing

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