Focused, a Seattle based consultancy who help Nonprofit organizations solve their most complex problems turned to Playable to help drive engagement and donations for their client Union Gospel Mission.

Having invested in video content to help bring to life the stories of people whom Union Gospel Mission has helped, Focused were seeking to fully leverage this investment, by maximising the exposure of the video content.

Playable enabled Focused to edit, embed and send a 10 second clip of their video content within their email campaign to past donors and current supporters, with a call to action to watch the full story.

The campaign delivered a highly immersive video experience at the moment of opening each and every email, successfully engaging the email recipients and driving many to watch the full story hosted on the Union Gospel Mission website.

“Adding the Playable video to our template within Mailchimp was surprisingly easy,” said Brian Tucker, President of Focused. “The impact of the video within the email was fantastic, from both an audience engagement and response perspective”.

Campaign Details

  • Client: Union Gospel Mission
  • Agency: Focused 
  • Campaign: Real LifeChange
  • ESP: Mailchimp
  • Video Email Content: 10 second edit 
  • Audience: Opt ins to UGM communications
  • Objective: Acquire donations
  • Campaign Execution: Set-up and deployed by Focused

Campaign Review

  • Simple to edit and add the video to the email with the Mailchimp “point and click” integration
  • A High quality video experience was delivered to 100% of the email audience
  • Response rates where 2x higher than campaigns where no video was embedded within the email 
  • % of recipients who watched the video in full 74% 74%

About Union Gospel Mission

Union Gospel Mission was founded in 1927, when 40 area churches came together seeking to minister to the homeless and hurting on the streets of Portland.

Union Gospel Mission provides more than 200,000 meals a year to the homeless and people in need. In addition to meals, the Mission provides food boxes, a day room with coffee and snacks, clothing, hygiene items, referral services and emergency cold weather shelter to the homeless.

Union Gospel Mission is home to the LifeChange program, a Christ-centered recovery community. Its purpose is to transform lives and break people free from addiction and destructive life patterns.

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Union Gospel Mission Shares James's Story

The Union Gospel Mission have helped people in Portland since 1927. Video email enables them to share stories of those they help & their volunteers.