For several months, the Playable team has been using its video email technology to deliver video email marketing at scale for some of the largest media companies on the planet.

Customers are enjoying significant uplift in the quantity of engagement from video email; up to 1,000% uplift, compared to non-video campaigns. Other customers are seeing a significant uplift in the quality of engagement; viewers who stay longer after clicking on a video email, or buy more stuff.

Experience Video email in your campaigns

Today, Playable is pleased to announce the public beta of our self-service video email platform. We are providing this free for a limited time while we test and collect feedback.

Now anybody can add any video – upload it from your computer, or choose it from YouTube – to your email marketing campaign.

[wpvideo EfAGdXe1 autoplay=true loop=true]

In just a few seconds, you can edit your video into a snackable size, add captions and an endcard, and Playable will take care of the rest – compiling and transcoding your video into the hundreds of pieces and versions required for it to playback on all the devices and email apps used by your email audience.

It’s super simple. A snippet of HTML code is generated for you to paste into your existing email publishing system; Salesforce, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Responsys, any of those. You can even drag the video from Playable into Gmail if you want to do a quick test with yourself.

[wpvideo K5Ygflpe autoplay=true loop=true]

During the beta, we are asking for bug reports and feedback and feature requests – please click on the ‘Feedback’ tab to submit those things. Don’t be shy.

Join the queue for beta access to the Playable self-service platform.

Also during the beta, the endcard on all your videos will include Playable branding and an invite code. If you know anyone else interested in video email marketing, simply email them your Playable video and they will be able to use the invite code to gain priority access to Playable!