Playable’s launch of the Iterable integration will enable businesses to easily add video content to their email templates to create autoplay video email campaigns.

These highly immersive video email campaigns, in A/B split tests, are consistently outperforming campaigns featuring still images, across all the key response and engagement metrics.

With over 80% of internet browsing time spent watching video, it’s clear that video is the preferred content type. In recognition of this strong consumer preference toward video, Iterable sought to offer the ability for their users to more effectively leverage their video assets across the email channel, beyond the current approach of taking a still from the video content.

The partnership links the patented video technology from Playable with the Iterable Growth Marketing Platform to enable Iterable users to add autoplay video clips to their campaigns, which works across all email clients, all devices and all email connections.

“We are excited to bring video email to Iterable,” said Bob Hitching, CEO of Playable. “The combination of Iterable’s growth marketing platform and video email powered by Playable is designed to deliver the ability to create, optimize and deliver highly targeted, immersive video emails.”

“As the leading cross-channel growth marketing platform, we couldn’t be happier about our new partnership with Playable,” said Dave Schwartz, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Iterable. “Embedding video in email has been proven to drive exponential engagement and materially boost conversions. With this integration, Iterable clients can now easily leverage Playable to supercharge their cross-channel marketing campaigns.”

Iterable helps businesses understand who their key customers are, and develop highly targeted cross-channel campaigns to these segments. Playable helps users deliver the most compelling rich content within these emails. Our integration into Iterable offers the best experience for users, enabling them to quickly and easily add any video content to any email campaign.

Playable’s integration with Iterable allows organizations to create and send video email marketing campaigns from Iterable by creating video clips of up to 10 seconds on Playable, and pushing these email-ready video clips to Iterable ready for sending.

How to embed a Playable Video in your Iterable email campaign is covered in our tutorial here.

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