By placing AI at the centre of the video editing process Playable takes the guess work out of content creation for video marketing, and replaces it with data science. The net result is better performing videos across all marketing channels be it Facebook, Linkedin, email or Instagram.

Playable’s CEO, Bob Hitching, walks through how Playable are utilising AI, with great effect, to drive deeper engagement and response from video marketing campaigns, across all channels.

How AI uses sense to analyse video content

In this first in the series of videos Bob considers how AI can be used to Sense video content. AI technology can sense or perceive things in video content using computer vision technology.

For example, when you import your video into Playable, every pixel of every frame is analysed to sense what the video contains.

Playable then considers pixel brightness levels, colors, sounds, movements between frames – to identify scene changes and highlights. As the AI digs deeper into the video Playable uses deep learning neural networks to detect objects and recognise faces and read the expressions on those faces.