Send a Holiday Video Email

Send a greeting of "Happy Holidays or 'Merry Christmas' to everyone on your list with our impressively Christmassy video clips

Holiday Video Emails and Video Christmas cards

Wish your customers, colleagues and clients a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas with one of our Free Video Clips, simply log in to claim your Free Video Clip.

Each video clip is ready to be added straight into your email, with the option to add your Company name to personalise the greeting, using the Captions feature within the Playable editor.

Choose from 3 Holiday Videos

Choose from a traditional holiday greeting message, a stunningly sparkly Christmas Tree and a remarkably festive dancing Santa, preview them below.

Once you have decided on your choice simply log in to your account (or sign up for a free account) and you’ll have the option to copy the video into your account for free.

If you are new to Playable you can check out How Video Email Works before you sign up for our free account.