From today SendGrid users can embed video within their email campaigns with ease as Playable is now fully integrated with SendGrids recently launched visual design editor, delivering pain free email design and seamless embedding of video.

The video tutorial below walks through this integration.

With forecasts indicating that well over 70% of all online traffic will be video within the next 18 months it’s no surprise that marketers are allocating significant budgets to creating and driving views of video content.

Playable has been designed to enable email marketers to deliver views of their video content cost effectively by embedding a short video clip, of up to 10 seconds, into their email campaigns.

This partnership between SendGrid and Playable makes the embedding of video within your email campaigns a simple drag and drop process, with no need to access the HTML code. Playable works with all video file formats which can uploaded and configured for inclusion within your email template, including YouTube and Vimeo URLs. When sent using SendGrid, 100% of recipients can be reached with your Video Email, with 95% having the ability to experience the video playing at the moment of opening the mail.

Visit our site for full details of the integration which enables SendGrid users to embed Video into their emails using Playable