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Network-optimized video delivery

At the moment of opening a Video Email, Playable detects whether the viewer is watching on a cellular, Wi-Fi or fixed network connection, and delivers an optimized video to provide the best quality user experience for for each individual viewer. 

Based on key information collected at the instant the email is opened, including device type, connection speed & email app, our A.I. instantly connects the right video version to the right viewer.

Real-Time, A.I. controlled A/B Testing Mathematically proven to maximize your engagement

Playable’s machine-learning algorithm monitors, evaluates and then selects the best performing video and adjusts in real-time to send unopened emails the winning version… Our data scientists call this Regret Minimization, you might call it Higher Response.

For e-commerce Video Email campaigns, the A/B Testing can be based on post-click engagement events, including basket or checkout events and values.

Deliver the right Subtitles with our Automatic Language Detection

Playable detects the language setting of the viewer’s device at the moment the email is opened, and then adapts the Video and Subtitles to reflect the viewer’s preference.

Personalize your video email based on the viewer’s location

Playable utilizes available location information of each viewer, based on when the Video Email is opened. We are then able to adapt the video content based on this contextual insight.

For example: Video Email marketing can target customers at various distances to your business (i.e. Close-by, Driveable and Special Trip) and deliver a contextually relevant Video Email experience.

Other examples include:

Sports: A different edit can be delivered adding a bumper to highlight the most local team.

News and Weather: Content can be localised based on viewer location.

Concerts and Events: Highlight venues, backstage live video and schedules based on locality, even integrate with membership programs.

Time-Of-Day/Week contextual content

Playable detects the time zone and local time of the viewer’s connected device, at the moment they open their Video Email. This contextual data is very valuable in optimizing time related &/or triggered engagements.

For example, Media and Entertainment campaigns can focus their objective to drive viewers to ‘Tune-In, Switch On or Watch Live’, by highlighting locally scheduled times.

While Consumer Goods are able to contextually target Video Emails with specific days of the week with campaigns to promote. ‘Prepare for Sunday Roast, the Weekend BBQ, quick meals for kids school lunches, etc.’

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