Playable Features: Video Email Optimization

Optimized Video Email Delivers Personalized Experiences

Playable’s video email campaigns are personalized to the individual in realtime

Optimized Delivery Of Video Email

At the moment of opening a video email Playable is able to optimize the video to the indivudal recipient, ensuring the best video email experience possible.

Playable’s patented optimization occurs in realtime to identify the current conditions, like network connection, device type, and email client, of each recipient. This ensures that every person watches the best quality video email.

Correct Captions With Automatic Language Detection

Playable detects the language setting of the recipient’s device at the moment the video email is opened. That information is then used to immediately adapt the video and captions in correspondence to the recipient’s device settings.

Captions are preferred over subtitles in video emails to avoid “reading the video”. Captions are able to deliver key information at crucial times within the video to drive engagement and interaction with the video email campaign.

Personalized Email Campaigns Based On Location

Video email marketing can target customers by their current location to deliver location-based video email experiences.

At the moment the video email is opened Playable is able to identify the recipient’s realtime location and adapt the video content based on this contextual insight.

Examples of location-based campaigns include:

Sports: Different videos are delivered to correspond with local teams.

News and Weather: Video content is localised based on location.

Live Events: Information can differ based on distance from event.

Video Content Based On Timezone & Local Time

At the moment a video email is opened, Playable can detect an individuals timezone & local time, to enable and trigger time-sensitive videos, within a single campaign, to significantly improve the relevance, engagement & interactivity of the video email.

Examples of time-based campaigns include:

Media: Local time will dictate to watch now or tune-in later.

Restaurants: Videos promoting breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus.

Automotive: Test drive videos shown only between certain times.