Playable Features: Video Email Analytics

Understand How Your Audience Watches Video Email

Playable’s realtime reporting and analytics delivers valuable audience insights

Gain Valuable Insights & Intelligence With Playable’s Realtime Data Analytics

Playable compliments your existing email platform reporting and analytics by providing deeper insights into your video email audience. Allowing you to track high engagement cohorts by different experiences, traits, attributes, and behaviors.

When aggregated, knowledge is gained across multiple reporting categories including Device Type, OS Profiles, Location, Quality of Video, Network Status, Time of Activity, and Language Preferences.

Below are a few examples of our reporting & analytics categories:

Email Client Reporting

A breakdown by email client delivers insights into the quality of their video email experience. For example, Apple Mail delivers HD and Retina quality videos like MP4 & HEVC.

For more details refer to our Compatibility List.

Content Type Reporting

Currently, over 75% of audiences watch video emails in high-definition, on devices that deliver the best video experiences, significantly increasing audience engagement and post-click activities.

Network Type Reporting

Network types (Mobile/Cellular, WiFi, etc) gives insights into audience habits. For example, a high mobile network can show a willingness to watch video emails during peak hour commuting.

Dwell Time Reporting

The Dwell Report shows the elapsed time between opening the email and clicking on the video, for those viewers who click on the video.

In the example shown, 100% of viewers who click the video are watching at the start of the video, and the mouseover shows that approximately 55% of those viewers were still watching at 10 seconds.