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Fonctionnement du courrier électronique vidéo

5 steps to create a video email campaign

1. Add Your Video To Playable

Upload any video file, or use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Brightcove, or 100’s of other video marketing channels.

Aucune production ou montage vidéo requis !

2. Video Transcoding

Playable creates dozens of different versions of your video, so that the best version can be delivered to each recipient at the moment of open, depending on their device, email client and network conditions.

3. Copy the Embed Code from Playable

Simply copy the Embed Code …

4. Paste into your email platform

… and paste the Embed Code into your email template.

Playable also provides a point & click integration with many email platforms if you prefer not to handle HTML code.

5. Watch Your Inbox!

That’s it! You can continue to design, test, and publish your video email campaign using your email platform in the normal way.

Core Caractéristiques

Click on any feature listed below for more information

Intégration de la plate-forme de messagerie

Playable is a plug-in to your existing email platform (ESP)

Éditeur vidéo intelligent

Edit and enhance your videos to captivate your audience

Video Email Optimization

Video optimized for each recipient, to ensure the best quality

Video Email Analytics

Reporting that delivers valuable and actionable insights

Entreprise Caractéristiques

Click on any feature listed below for more information

Video Email With Sound (VwS)

Add sound for a complete campaign in a single video email

Live Streaming Video Email

Realtime email marketing is ideal for live event audiences

Voir est Croire

Entrez votre adresse e-mail pour envoyer un exemple d'e-mail vidéo dans votre boîte de réception. Passez la souris sur la vidéo pour prévisualiser la campagne complète.

Experience The Way It Makes You Feel

Capture and share that feeling of the very first impression of great architecture with high-quality video email campaigns

Drive ROI On Existing Video With Email

Video email allows you to create multiple versions of your existing video content and use it across multiple video email campaigns driving your ROI

Drive Product Benefits With Video Email

Santé Aptitude Showcasing the benefits and results of a product is always stronger with great high-quality video content delivered in video email campaigns

Launch New Product Features With Video

applications There is no better way to communicate the launch of new & innovative features in your app, eg Disney+ GroupWatch, than video email marketing

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