Imperium is a vertically integrated real estate investment and municipal real estate consulting company. Imperium specializes in semi-speculative land investment for future mixed-use, retail and residential real estate development, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Commercial property sales is a highly competitive arena. Imperium use Video Email as a vehicle to stand out in this market and bring their developments alive the moment their recipients open their promotional emails.

As a long time, loyal user of Mailchimp Imperium where seeking a video email solution which enabled them to keep using Mailchimp as normal. Playable’s seamless, point and click integration with Mailchimp enabled the Imperium marketing team to quickly release their time critical promotional video emails to market with ease.

Steve Schattner, President at Imperium commented that “Over the last 12 months Mailchimp Video Email campaigns have delivered click through rates way beyond any of our previous static image based email promotions and that adding video to our Mailchimp emails with Playable is super easy, with no tech know how required. The use of video email has certainly helped us differentiate our service and greatly assisted in generating quality sales leads for each of our projects.”

Campaign Details

  • Client: Imperium
  • Campaign: Weatherford Town Square promotion
  • ESP: Mailchimp
  • Video Email Content: 10 second edit 
  • Audience: Current and prospective clients
  • Objective: Drive sales enquiries
  • Campaign Execution: Set-up and deployed by Imperium Marketing Team

Campaign Review

  • High engagement – 19.8% Click to Open rate was achieved on the video within the email.
  • Reactivation – 70% of recipients watched the 10 second video, within the email, from start to finish.
  • Click to Open Rate on the Video 19.8% 19.8%

About Imperium

Founded in 2000 by Steve Schattner, Imperium is a vertically integrated real estate investment and municipal real estate consulting company headquartered out of Dallas, Texas.

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