Best Video Email Campaigns for 2019

Best Video Email campaigns, based on performance, innovation and execution
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Foxtel Movie Greats and Lifestyle Launch campaigns

Foxtel, Australia’s leading Pay TV provider embraced video email to drive awareness and subscription to new shows across the network.

Foxtel successfully used Video Email to launch the new season shows across their Movie Greats channel, using iconic footage from Risky Business, The Great Escape and The Godfather 

Campaign highlights

  • Superb editing which successfully incorporated clips from shows featured across the Foxtel network, all within 10 a second email-friendly clip.
  • Significant uplift in views of the channels new season preview reel.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull deployed video email campaigns to support its Sports and Music events to its largely mobile device audience.

For the music events Playable’s live video stream was used to deliver a continuous stream of live content to viewers of the email. 

Campaign highlights

  • Worlds longest live video email stream – Deployed a  live video email stream which continued for 48 hours featuring their LA music event.
  • Exceeding ticket sale targets for their Straight Rhythm, Adrenalin Event.

BetEasy brings their promotional offers to life with Video Email.

BetEasy, Australia’s leading online sports betting company, used video email to quickly and succinctly communicate their promotional offers to their members.

Through the use of 10 second animated video clips they successfully drove uptake of their offers by using a simple consistent, easily digestable format.

Campaign highlights

  • Bespoke Video – This clip was specifically created to deliver a promotional offer within a 10 second edit.
  • Engagement – new user engagement, as measured by CTR and time on site both performed well.

Union Gospel Mission - Reactivation

Union Gospel Mission provides more than 200,000 meals a year to the homeless and people in need in Portland, Oregon. 

Having invested in video content to help bring to life the stories of people whom Union Gospel Mission has helped, Union Gospel Mission were seeking to fully leverage this investment, by maximising the exposure of the video content.

Campaign highlights

  • High donor engagement – 74% of openers watched 100% of the video email clip 
  • Reactivation – Dormant donors are a notoriously difficult segment to draw a response from, this video email delivered a response uplift of 2x versus historical re-activation campaigns.

Optus launches Billions New Season on Stan

Optus, one of the leading Telecommunications providers in Australia, deployed video email to launch Billions, the exclusive series, only available on their streaming platform, Stan.

The video was positioned within the email to draw recipients into the promotion, which offered the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, where “Billionaires come to Play”

Campaign highlights

  • Superb edit which captured the “must watch” moments in this thrilling series, all within 10 seconds.
  • Published in conjunction with an animated Gif – The Video supporting the launch of the new series was positioned within the email to work in conjunction with an animated Gif at the head the email.

Opera de Lausanne drives ticket sales with video email

Opera de Lausanne is the leading Opera venue in Switzerland, from where various Opera seasons are produced and performed.

The Opera marketing team selected video email as their channel of choice to drive awareness and ticket sales for the forthcoming Opera production.

Campaign highlights

  • Superb edit a simple animated sequence with huge personality, which draws the viewer in whilst communicating the launch dates for ticket sales, all within 10 seconds.

Frank & Fred Casino uses Video Email to welcome new sign ups

Frank & Fred are a relatively new entrant to the on line casino market and used Video Email to help differentiate their offering in a highly competitive market.

The content was purposefully not focussed on the casino offering but more around Frank & Fred renegade brand positioning.

Campaign highlights

  • Bespoke Video – This clip was specifically created to welcome new sign ups and set the tone for the Frank & Fred service.

Starlight Childrens Foundation brings their success stories to life with video email

Starlight Childrens Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1982 for hospitalised children and their families.

Starlight programs offer entertainment, education and technology to critically, chronically and terminally ill children. Starlight Children’s Foundation used video email to bring the emotion front and centre of their emails, where they featured the success stories of the kids they have helped.

Campaign highlights

  • Tap the Emotion – A series of videos where created for publication on the foundations web site, which celebrated the successful journey of the kids helped by the foundation. 10 second edits of these where used within email to drive views of the full video stories, by focussing on the power of compassion.

Warner Bros leverages its video content to launch Wonder Woman

Warner Bros featured Video Email in the launch campaigns for Wonder Woman, where the movie trailers where used to drive advance ticket bookings, ahead of the release date.

Warner Bros went on to deploy over 200 video email campaigns across 2018, to support each of their new movie releases.

Campaign highlights

  • Animated Text Overlay – The Wonder Woman campaign was the first to feature a Call To Action as an animated text overlay, an approach which is here to stay given the uplift in response it delivered.
  • Immediate & sustained engagement – Over 60% of the recipients of these 2 campaigns watched the whole clip within the email, prior to clicking through to the ticket purchase page.