Video Email For Movie Trailers & Promotion

Video Email Delivers Audiences For Movies

Video Email delivers results at every phase of movie distribution

Movie distributors and theatres already invest significant amounts to produce and promote movie trailers on social media and broadcast television.

With video email, it’s possible to increase the reach and ROI of those movie trailers, by making them playable within email marketing campaigns, and to drive increased engagement, ticket sales and movie sales and rentals.

Video Email works at every phase of movie distribution, from pre-theatrical through theatrical windows, to digital sell-through, or as part of new distribution models such as simultaneous release to theatrical and Video-on-Demand (VOD) services.

Pre-theatrical window

During the pre-theatrical phase, when the marketing objective is to motivate audiences to become fanatical about a future movie release, video email consistently outperforms the use of static images in email marketing.

Theatrical window

When a movie hits the theatrical window, adding a video trailer to email marketing engages the audience like nothing else and drives increased click-through to sell more tickets for movie distributors and theatres.

Digital sell-through

Later, when the objective is to sell or rent copies of the movie through retail or digital channels, video email drives increased post-click activity to increase digital sell-through sales.

According to Comscore, those who view video content are 64% more likely to purchase online, compared to those who only view static images.

Built for scale

Playable delivers hundreds of millions of videos into email marketing campaigns for the largest movie studios on the planet.

Playable is built for scale using Google and Amazon infrastructure and regularly delivers thousands of videos per second into email campaigns promoting the biggest movie releases.

Video Creates The Best Teaser Campaigns

Video email allows you to fully immerse your audience in a high-quality video experience that will result in higher engagement and activity

EPIX Replaces GIF With HD Video In Email

TV VOD Playable has empowered EPIX to convey a complete story through high quality videos in email & in doing so increased user engagement & retention.

Check out our Customer Success Story from Hollywood movie studio Warner Bros., leveraging their learnings from hundreds of Video Email campaigns.

All Email Platforms, All Videos, All Email Clients

Video Email That Works With Your Existing Email Platform

Playable is integrated with Mailchimp, Salesforce and every ESP in between.

Simply copy & paste your video into your email template.

No IT integration required!

Add Video From Any Source To Your Email Marketing

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Brightcove, or 100's of others.

Or upload any video file.

No video production or editing required!

Videos Play In Highest Possible Quality On All Email Clients

Videos are playable on Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and all others!

Video is optimized for each viewer - based on device and email client - at the moment of open, to ensure the best viewing experience.

Case Studies & Sample Video Email Campaigns For Movie Trailers

Enter your email address to send a sample video email to your inbox. Mouseover the video to preview the full campaign.

Wonder Woman's HD Video Email Campaign

Wonder Woman was one of the first video email campaigns launched by Warner Bros

Pikachu VIP Advance Tickets

Pikachu is a mobile-1st, video only campaign targeting advance ticketing for VIP members & linking directly to ticket sales & social media chatter.

Joker Launches With Video-1st Email

Warner Bros. launched the trailer for Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, with a mobile-1st video email campaign to start the 'buzz' for the movie

HBOMax WinBack Driven By HD Video Email

TV VOD Email marketers know the importance of Winback Campaigns. HBO Max's focus on the users 'video email experience' drives return engagement.

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