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All The Immediacy And Insights Of News Via Video Email

Video email starts the story and captivates the audience, from breaking news to current affairs

Video Email Delivers Results For News Marketers

Video ❤️ Email

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Video stimulates interest and desire more than any other content type.

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The immediacy, perspective, context, and insights delivered by news & current affairs is enhanced by videos ability to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. This delivers a more compelling and captivating engagement.

Monetization of news email feeds and campaigns is now possible with Video Email Advertising.


Use Cases

Video email works across breaking news, newsletters, 24-hour news, program marketing, and for all broadcast journalism campaigns.

Video email is for all types of news, including technology, financial, political, sports, news programs and more.


News Via Video Email

Video email increases the quantity of clicks, but more significantly is the higher quality of clicks achieved with video email.

The benefit of video, over other content, is more information in a shorter timeframe. Allowing for better-informed decisions driving more clicks & post-click activity, and increase subscriber conversions.

Apple News With HD Quality Video

Apple devices are able to show millions of colors, so why settle with only showing 356 colors in an animated GIF?

All Email Platforms, All Videos, All Email Clients

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Video Email Case Studies For News & Current Affairs

Enter your email address to send a sample video email to your inbox. Mouseover the video to preview the full campaign.

Video Delivers iPhone 13 Breaking News

Video email immediately delivers the insights and story behind breaking news, events, and announcements

News Emails That Get Noticed

The importance of news starts with the email notification that needs to make an impact and draw the users attention