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Sell More Product with Video Email Marketing

Video Email delivers results for Beauty & Cosmetics marketers

Video ❤️ Email

Easily add video to your email marketing campaigns.

High quality video that plays automatically on 99% of inboxes.

Patented Video Email technology works with any email platform.

Increase Video Views

Video is the most engaging content. Email is the most trusted channel.

Start sending your best content to your best audience.

Maximize the reach and ROI of your video marketing.

Optimize Engagement

Video stimulates interest and desire more than any other content type.

Video email viewers are better qualified to drive post-click activity.

Get more clicks. Sell more stuff.

Highlighting your product and clearly communicating your offers is a solid foundation to achieve success in Beauty & Cosmetics email marketing.

However, cutting through inbox clutter and motivating your recipients to take action is becoming increasingly harder. Using video rather than static images in your email marketing solves that problem.

Visitors to your e-commerce store who view video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors, according to a recent study by Comscore.

Use Cases

Video email works for new product releases, special offers, abandoned carts, welcome journeys and winback campaigns.

Video email works for all types of beauty and cosmetics, including skincare, hair care, color cosmetics, men’s grooming, fragrances and personal care products.

Increased Checkout Transactions

Video email increases your quantity of clicks, however more significant is the higher quality of clicks from beautiful video emails.

Clicks from shoppers who have seen a video in your email are much better qualified, because the video has informed and engaged far better than any static image can.

As a result, the significant impact of video email occurs downstream at the checkout, with marketers enjoying between 65% and 175% increased sales due to switching to video email.

Customer Success

Read about Customer Success with Napoleon Perdis, or sample the Case Studies below to experience video email in your inbox.

Showcase Your Products In HD Video

The leaders in vitamin C, Medik8, can showcase their Beautiful Skin For Life campaign in high quality video emails.

Vibrant Colors Come Alive With Video

Benefit from the millions of colors in HD video email campaigns to bring the vibrant colors to life in your products.

All Email Platforms, All Videos, All Email Clients

Video Email That Works With Your Existing Email Platform

Playable is integrated with Mailchimp, Salesforce and every ESP in between.

Simply copy & paste your video into your email template.

No IT integration required!

Add Video From Any Source To Your Email Marketing

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Brightcove, or 100's of others.

Or upload any video file.

No video production or editing required!

Videos Play In Highest Possible Quality On All Email Clients

Videos are playable on Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and all others!

Video is optimized for each viewer - based on device and email client - at the moment of open, to ensure the best viewing experience.

Case Studies & Sample Video Email Campaigns For Beauty & Cosmetics

Enter your email address to send a sample video email to your inbox. Mouseover the video to preview the full campaign.

Napoleon Perdis Video Email Masterclass

Retail Napoleon Perdis's video masterclasses are in response to COVID restriction preventing in-store & in-person makeup classes.

Volition's Best Seller Promotion

Retail Volition utilizes video email to bring the products alive and increase engagement in their email marketing

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