Video Email delivers audiences for Movies and Theatres

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Video Email delivers results for Movie Distributors and Theatres

Movie and show trailers are a highly effective promotion vehicle which are highly effective at driving audience engagement and in turn ticket sales. The challenge lies with attaining broad audience coverage of these trailers, cost effectively.

Video Email is successfully enabling the major global movie distributors and theatre owners to reach their most loyal customers, their email newsletter subscribers, with their trailer content, the moment the recipient opens their email, with autoplay video email.

By showcasing the trailers within the email recipients are responding at higher levels, viewing more content on site and in turn, buying more tickets.

Check out our Customer Success Story from Hollywood movie studio, Warner Bros, leveraging the learnings from over 500 Video Email campaigns.

Playable is empowering movie distributors, to include video within their emails that are optimized for device, connection and email client, to ensure the best video experience for all viewers.

How does it work?

With zero IT integration required it’s super simple to create and send video email. Once you have uploaded your video content to Playable (all sources and file types accepted) simply create a 10 second edit using our point and click editor, then embed this within your email template and send using your preferred email vendor.

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Video Email for Movie Promotion

Playable is evolving email to include the content which audiences prefer…Video.
How it worksWarner Bros Customer Success Story
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