Video Email Best Practice

Follow this best practice checklist to maximise the effectiveness of your video email

1. Video duration of 10 seconds

10 seconds is the optimum duration for driving maximum engagement and response.

Think of your video email as a trailer for the content you ultimately want your recipient to view.

If your video is longer than 10 seconds use the editor to create a 10 second clip to entice recipients to click through to discover more.

Why 10 seconds?

Clips longer than 10 seconds will suffer a drop off in quality, specifically across Gmail.

Loading times of the video will also become noticeable and cause recipients to scroll or simply close the email, leading to a loss of response and engagement.

2. Position and size of your video

Publish the video at the head of your email as the hero “image” at full width of your template, the default width applied when you upload your video is 600 which is the full width of many standard templates..

A/B split tests featuring the video as the lead image/story consistently show that this position delivers the highest response rates.

Campaign featuring the video at that the head of the email

3. Include a Call To Action

Where the campaign objective is to drive recipients to a specific landing, product or video page, if you are able, include a call to action within the video.

This call to action can be a text overlay, or preferably an animated text graphic.

Include the specific action you wish the viewer to take so: “Click to watch the Tutorial.”

This call to action should also be repeated as a button directly below the video within your email template.

If text overlays are not an option, ensure you include a Button featuring your call to action directly beneath your video.

Campaign which includes an animated call to action

4. Convey your message without the need for sound

Avoid video content which is heavily reliant on audio to convey your message, even with supporting captions.

Talking to camera videos are particularly unresponsive, across video email.

Why does sound not work in video email?

Email is not widely compatible with sound, so if your video relies heavily on sound to convey your message it will not deliver the impact you are seeking.

It’s preferable to feature content that has no reliance on audio to convey your message.

5. Include a default still image for Outlook users

On average 2% of recipients will not be able to receive video email on account of being legacy Outlook users, to ensure these users have a good experience a still image from the video can be selected to be included in the email which these recipients will receive.

Select a still image, which preferably includes your call to action. This can be done by selecting a frame from your video, or by uploading a still image.

This can be done in the “Video” section as you create your video email clip.

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