How to link your Mailchimp and Playable accounts

Link your accounts to enable the embedding of Playable video clips into your Mailchimp templates with ease

How to link your Mailchimp and Playable Accounts

To enable a smooth and easy transfer of your Video content from Playable to Mailchimp you will need to link your accounts, this is easy to do by simply adding a Mailchimp API Key to Playable.

To locate your API Key in Mailchimp follow the instructions below.

Click your Account name in the top right hand corner of the screen to reveal a drop down menu, select “Account” from this menu.

You are now on your Account Page, from the tabs hover over the “Extras” option and then select “API Keys” from the drop down.

At the foot of the page select “Create a keyA row of information about the API Key you have just created will now appear.

Copy the API Key, making sure you copy the whole string of numbers and letters.

To complete the linking of the accounts paste this API key into the allocated space in Playable and click the tick, to save this.

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