How to add a YouTube Video to Mailchimp

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How to add a YouTube video to Mailchimp

The video opposite walks through how to add a YouTube video to Mailchimp email

  • Video Email by Playable plays automatically at the moment the email is opened.
  • Video emails by Playable are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly and have zero impact on email delivery rates.
  • If your preference is to upload your HTML templates to Mailchimp our tutorial on adding the Playable HTML clip to your template will help.

Mailchimp Video Email campaigns

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Step by Step guide on how to add a YouTube video to Mailchimp

Jump to Step 5 if you are familiar with setting up a Mailchimp Campaign

1. Log into your Mailchimp account

Once logged in simply follow the process to commence setting up a new campaign as follows:

Click the “Create Campaign” button toward the top right hand side of the welcome page You will now see the Create an email page.

Choose the “Regular” campaign type from the tabs at the head of the page and then enter your Campaign Name into the form field. Click the “Begin” button

2. Mailchimp Video Email Set up

Select the list to which you wish to send this email campaign to from the options in the drop down.

Complete the fields to configure the details of your campaign, including Campaign Name, Subject line, Preview Text and From name.

3. Select the Template for your video email campaign

Select the template that you wish to use for your campaign from the Mailchimp templates, you can select from Layouts, Themes, Saved Templates and Campaigns.

When selecting your template you’ll need to consider where you wish to position your video within it. 

In the majority of cases we find that placing the video at the head of the template is most effective where driving audience engagement and response are the objectives.

In the template highlighted opposite, the image block at the head of the template would be the perfect position to include a video.

Make your selection then click “Next Step Design“.

4. Add content to your template

Add your content using the Mailchimp Editor.

Having decided on where you wish to position your video content, simply place an image block in that position, or use one of the image blocks already in position, within the pre set templates.

It is this image block which will be replaced with your video.

Once you have finished adding content click the “Save & Close” button.

Creating your YouTube Video Email in Playable

The next steps will guide you through how to create your YouTube video clip and then finally how to add this to your Mailchimp template.

5. Create your Playable Account

If you are new to Playable you can create a new account.

As you sign up you will be asked to connect your Mailchimp and Playable Accounts, this connection enables Playable to access the templates that you create in your Mailchimp account.

All new accounts are offered the opportunity to test drive the platform with our 30 day free trial.

6. Your Playable Account

This is the home page of your new Playable Account.

To create a new video email click “Videos

7. Add a new video

To commence the process of creating a new video email simply click “Add Video

8. Video title and content upload

Enter a Video Title for the Video Email you are creating, this will help identify the Video in reporting. You have 3 options on how to upload your video content to Playable, we’ll be using option 1:

  1. URL – Copy and paste a URL of the location of your content. Locate the YouTube video and copy the URL of the video and then paste it into the field in Playable.
  2. File Upload – Upload a file from your computer – all video file formats are accepted including mp4, avi, mov and flv.
  3. Live stream your video content – contact us if this is your preference.

Once you have selected your video content you have the option to set the size of your video clip which will be embedded within your Mailchimp Template. For the video clip to fit the full width of a Mailchimp Template you should select 600 px as your width.

Once you have selected your video content and selected the dimensions click the “Apply” button to upload your video file.

9. Automatic video edit

As your video file is uploaded Playable creates a 10 second clip using it’s A.I. functionality. You can choose to use this clip created by Playable in your Video Email or create your own clip using our editor.

If you wish to use the clip created by Playable click the  “Click Action” menu item to continue.

If you’d prefer to create your own video clip proceed to the “Editor” menu item.

10. Edit your Video

Our editor is designed to enable you to create a 10 second video from the full-length video you uploaded. It is this 10 second video email that will be published in your video email.

In the editor you can crop the video to focus on your key content and select multiple clips to make up the 10 seconds. As you are creating your video email the editor will show you the duration of each clip and allow you to preview the edit and re edit until you are happy with your final cut.

For a full preview of our editor features visit our Editor Page . Once you have your final cut click “Continue”

11. Enhance your Video Email

You are now ready to add any enhancements to your video email including captions, a watermark, end card or footer.

Simply select the enhancements you wish to add and follow the onscreen prompts to add your chosen enhancements. You can also add a link to where any clickers on the video should be re directed, this will generally be the page where the hull video is hosted. You now have completed creating your video email so click the Compile button.

Playable now compiles this video email into over a hundred versions of the which will be used to ensure each recipient receives the video file most suitable for their device, bandwidth and connection.

12. Interaction

Here you must select what you wish to happen when the recipients clicks on the video within your video email. 

If you wish a click on the video clip to redirect the viewer to a URL you will need to enter this URL into the “Click Action” field.

13. Preview your Video

Here you can preview the video clip you have created across all the major email clients, simply select an email client from the drop down and your video will be displayed as it will appear in that email client.

As a further check you have the ability to send yourself and your colleagues a sample of the video clip, which will be embedded within your Mailchimp email template.

Simply complete the form fields and click the send button.

14. Embed your Video Email

Your video email has been successfully compiled so now it’s time to start thinking about embedding this video within your email template. The first step in this process is to select “Mailchimp” as the email platform that you are using to send your campaign from the drop down options.

The first time you use Playable you will be prompted to link your Playable and Mailchimp accounts by entering your Mailchimp API Key.

Instructions on how to make this link are covered in step 17 below.

Once you have linked your Playable and Mailchimp accounts a second drop down will appear which is labeled “Select Campaign”. Click this to show your Mailchimp campaigns.

From this drop down list you should select the Mailchimp campaign you set up in Step 1 above, in thus case it is Playable Demo.

15. Link your Mailchimp Account with Playable.

If you signed up to Playable using your Mailchimp account, you can skip this step, and proceed to Step 16.

To enable a smooth and easy transfer of your Video content from Playable to Mailchimp mail you will need to link your accounts, this is easy to do by simply adding your API Key to Playable.

To locate your API Key in Mailchimp follow the instructions below or watch the short video opposite.

Click your Account name in the top right hand corner of the screen to reveal a drop down menu, select “Account” from this menu.

You are now on your Account Page, from the tabs hover over the “Extras” option and then select “API Keys” from the drop down.

At the foot of the page select “Create a key

A row of information about the API Key you have just created will now appear. Copy the API Key from the form field, making sure you copy the whole string of numbers and letters.

To complete the linking of the accounts paste this API key into the allocated space in Playable and click the tick to save this.

16. Video preview within your Mailchimp template

On selecting the campaign the Mailchimp template will appear within the Playable console.

To embed your Video Email within the Mailchimp template click the image which you wish to replace with the Video, on hovering over the image it will glow with a red border. 

17. Create Video Template

If you happy with what you see click the “Create New Campaign >” button.

To publish this template with your video embedded within it to Mailchimp simply click on the link “Click to view your new campaign in Mailchimp” You will need to be logged into Mailchimp to move to the next step.

18. Preview your Video Email & prepare to send

Preview your email template with your video now embedded within it.

Add your recipient list to the campaign and your test email addresses, proceed to test and then you’ll be ready to send either immediately or later  using the Mailchimp scheduling feature.

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