Deep tracking of recipients interaction with your Video Email

Gain valuable insights and learn how your audience are engaging and responding to your Video Email content & campaigns in real time.

Derive valuable insights & intelligence with Playables real time Data & Analytics.

Connect Playable into your ‘Big Data’ and all our lovely data will help optimize the viewing experience for each member of your audience. Create profiles based on their location, time-of-activity, language preferences, device & OS profiles, quality of video viewed (Retina, HD, etc) – all valuable audience insights to identify trends when aggregated.

Playable’s online console includes real-time reporting. Allowing you to track high engagement cohorts by device, location, time, language, and more. A preview of a selection of some of the reports are featured below.

Email Client Reporting

Here we look at the Video Email recipients broken down by the email client on which they viewed the video email.

Content Type

What type of Video File did your Video Email viewers recieve? This insight helps us understand the spread of video file types which where delivered to the recipients.

Network Reporting

What email clients are your recipients viewing your video email content on? This data can help establish how rich your video email content can be, for example across some SE Asia countries the network profiles tend to skew heavily toward slower speeds which would lead us to optimise the content relative to this insight.

Dwell Time Reporting

How long did recipients spend watching the video email clip? In the report opposite we can see that 50% of our viewers watched the full 10 second clip, with many watching it multiple times.

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