Video Email for Technology

Utilise Playable’s innovative Video Email technology to showcase your technical innovation and drive software and hardware sales
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Video email delivers results for technology retailers and software service providers

Video Email creates interest at the moment of opening the email – use this to drive discovery of your product.

Playable’s Video Email allows our innovation to bring life to your innovations. Showcase new products and rollout new features, promote launch events whilst keeping your customers engaged.

Video email is helping technology businesses up and cross sell new products through succinctly showcasing what can be achieved with key upgrades and new releases.

Conference invites and new product launch events are being brought to life with Video Email, and is helping achieve uplifts in registrations and attendees.

Video Email is proving to be a powerful addition to the technology marketers tool set as it successfully secures and retains the viewers attention, leading to significant shifts  in responses and post click engagement, as measured by time on site.

Playable is empowering software providers, hardware manufacturers, Fintechs and start ups to include video within their emails, with an online video editor, video optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers and real time analytics.

How does it work?

With zero IT integration required it’s super simple to create and send video email. Once you have uploaded your video content to Playable (all sources and file types accepted) simply create a 10 second edit using our point and click editor, then embed this within your email template and send using your preferred email vendor. Full details on how to create your first video email

Seeing is Believing

Send yourself an example of a video email campaign designed to drive response, engagement and conversions

Video Email for Technology

Email marketing is critical to a successful technology business, Playable is evolving email to include the content which technology purchasers prefer…. Video.
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