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Video Email immerses fans in the world of their favorite Sports, giving them a taste of their teams' latest games that will leave them eager to see more. Showcase game highlights and exclusive interviews with Video Email by Playable
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Video Email transports fans to the middle of the playing field in a stadium filled with thousands of fellow enthusiasts, propelling tickets sales, social buzz, and building hype for that next Video Email notification.

Sports marketing is all about hype. In order to engage sports fans, they need to get a taste of the most extraordinary moments in the match, whether it be a perfectly-executed goal, an outrageous penalty, or a heartfelt show of unity for a fallen player. With Video Email, every match can be marketed successfully.

Sports Broadcasters & Live Event Organizers are experiencing significant returns from featuring live video streams within Video Email campaigns, where viewers are presented with a live video stream of the event upon opening the email.

Video Email, by successfully securing and retaining the viewer’s attention, is showing to be a powerful addition to the sports marketer’s tool set, leading to an increase in responses of magnitude 10 and upto 800% uplift in post-click engagement as measured by time on site. See our case history on how ESPN used live video steaming to drive audience engagment during the NBA play-offs.

Playable is empowering sports entertainment distributors, ticket agents, teams, and sports video game publishers & developers to include video optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers within their emails, complete with an online video editor and real-time analytics.

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Playable creates 10 second clips of videos which are configured to play on any device and any connection automatically at the moment the email is opened, and can be sent using any of the popular email service providers.

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Video Email for Sports

Email marketing is critical to a successful sports business. Playable is evolving email to include the content which audiences prefer…Video. Showcase your sporting event within the email with video email by Playable
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