Video Email for Event Marketing

Add Video Email to your event marketing to drive engagement, registrations and attendance.
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Video email delivers for event marketing

Video Email brings your event marketing to life driving registrations, and attendance. Playable helps companies make their events and conferences a success by driving registrations and attendance.

To achieve success in event and conference marketing it is critically important that your audience becomes captivated by the event at the point it is announced. This is often hard to communicate by email. Video Emails instantly gain the audiences attention, by bringing your event to life in the inbox.

Showcasing your event with video email has an immediate impact and cuts through the inbox clutter, gaining viewers attention, driving social buzz and delivering the click through to submit a registration.

Video Email is proving to be a powerful addition to the event marketers tool set. It successfully secures and retains the viewer’s attention, leading to a significant shift in responses and post click engagement, as measured by time on site.

How does it work?

With zero IT integration required it’s super simple to create and send video email. Once you have uploaded your video content to Playable (all sources and file types accepted) simply create a 10 second edit using our point and click editor, then embed this within your email template and send using your preferred email vendor. Full details on how to create your first video email

Seeing is believing

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Video Email for Event Marketing

Engage your audience from the moment the email is opened with autoplay Video Email powered by Playable
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