Video Email for Real Estate

Video email engages your audience the moment the email is opened leading to immediate engagement and higher views of your listing page.

Video Email enables Real Estate Agents to engage with prospective buyers.

Playable helps Real Estate Agents across the globe to promote their listings by streaming short video clips within the email activity, which is consitently delivering more property inspections from each email campaign.

To achieve success in Real Estate it is critically important that your audience becomes captivated by the propoerty listing you are promoting. This is often hard to communicate by email. Video Emails instantly gain their attention of the recipients, by showcasing the properties key facets within a 10 second video clip. These 10 second clips are created via the Playable self serve platform, using any type of source video file, be it a YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram link or a video file on your computer.

Showcasing the property listing via video has an immediate impact and cuts through the inbox clutter, gaining your recipients attention and delivering inspection appointments.

Video Email is proving to be a powerful addition to the Real Estate Agents tool set. It successfully secures and retains the viewer’s attention, leading to a significant shift in responses and post click engagement, as measured by time on site.

Playable is empowering Real Estate Publishers and Agents to include video within their emails which play automatically at the moment of opening, across all devices and all connection types.

Seeing is Believing

Experience Video Email for yourself. Watch some of our recent Video Email campaigns we have created for all business types and sizes across a wide range of industries
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Video Email for Real Estate

Email marketing is critical to a successful Real Estate, Playable is evolving email to include the content which consumers prefer….Video.
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