Video email drives superior audience engagement for Publishers

Video delivers a deeper engagement with higher CTR and time on site for publishers

Video Email delivers results for Publishers

Video Email creates interest at the moment of opening the email that drives instant engagement with your content. Goolge is now using 6 second previews of YouTube Videos and FaceBook has recently started testing 6 second ads to complement its current 15 second offering. Here at Playable we have found that Video within email works at durations from 6 -10 seconds.

This 6 -10 second duration is working for publishers by delivering significant shifts both in CTR and post click engagement in terms of time spent on site post the click from the email. Video email is helping publishers cost effectively drive views of their video content and build an engaged audience that sticks around on their sites up to 8 times longer than visitors who arrive from other channels. The opportunity also exists to on-sell video spots within publishers emails where advertisers publish a 10 second video within the publishers email, this is a super premium ad spot and commands rates at the top of the range.

Playable is empowering publishers to include video within their emails, with an online video editor, video optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers and real time analytics.

Seeing is Believing

Experience Video Email for yourself. Watch some of our recent Video Email campaigns we have created for all business types and sizes across a wide range of industries
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Video Email delivers results for Publishers

Email marketing is a critical channel for Publishers, Playable has successfully brought video to email providing a very powerful addition to the Publishers tool set.
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