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Video Email delivers results for Automotive Brands and Retailers

With a constant requirement to drive clickthrough in the highly competitive car sales market, dealers and manufacturers have long been advocates of email marketing. With targeted, personalized email campaigns, automotive marketers have consistently delivered test drives, service appointments, and pre-orders on new models, with email also playing an integral role in new model launches.

Showcasing the driving experience is a favoured approach of nearly all manufacturers, with television and online video used to increase views of the car in action. But with a desire to optimize the investment into sponsored video content, automotive marketers are seeking cost-effective ways to get audiences to engage.

A solution that is proving to be highly effective at delivering these views is Video Email. Video Email, by successfully securing and retaining the viewer’s attention, is proving to be a powerful addition to the automotive marketer’s tool set, leading to an increase in responses of magnitude 10, and an 800% uplift in post-click engagement as measured by time on site.

Playable is empowering car manufacturers, dealers, insurers, and ride-sharing services to include video optimized for device and connection to ensure the best video experience for all viewers within their emails, complete with an online video editor and real-time analytics.

How does it work?

With zero IT integration required it’s super simple to create and send video email. Once you have uploaded your video content to Playable (all sources and file types accepted) simply create a 10 second edit using our point and click editor, then embed this within your email template and send using your preferred email vendor. Full details on how to create your first video email

Seeing is Believing

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Video email for Automotive

Playable is evolving email to include the content which car buyers and enthusiasts prefer…. Video.
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