Worlds 1st live video email stream for the Red Bull TV music festival series.

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Started in 1991, the Lallapalooza Music Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. With over 170 bands across 8 stages, the festival drew 100,000 attendees to Chicago for four days of entertainment August 4 -7. This year’s Lollapalooza also included art markets and a mini-fest for kids, as well as ‘Chow Town,’ offering festival food, drinks and sweets from Chicago’s favorate restaurants.


The ChallengeRed Bull TV Live video email

As the exclusive Broadcaster of the Lollapalooza Festivals, Red Bull TV was seeking to drive audience engagement from both attendees and external audiences via a live-stream on YouTube. In previous years Red Bull TV had used email to drive views of this live webcast with moderate levels of success. Playable was challenged to build on previous marketing initiatives to amplify the audience viewing the 4-day live webcast during Lollapalooza.

The Solution

Playable’s solution was to ‘take the webcast to the user’ by promoting it via Playable Video Email for the full duration of the festival.

Red Bull TV partnered with Playable to deliver a 72-hour live stream of the webcast directly into subscribers’ inboxes in collaboration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The 72-hour live video email-stream would be the worlds longest ever live video stream to email.

Playable configured the video email campaign to play live coverage of Lollapalooza each and every time any recipient opened the email during the festival. Once the festival finished Playable switched the video to a 10-second clip of the highlights with a link through to the full highlights reel on the Red Bull TV website.



  • The 2017 email featuring the live video stream outperformed the 2016 version that featured a static image.
  • The CTR from the Lollapalooza Live email was 2.3% when live steaming was used vs. 0.6% when a static image was displayed.

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