How to embed Video in your Campaign Monitor email campaigns when importing your HTML

Playable is integrated with Campaign Monitor making it simple, quick and easy to embed Video to your Campaign Monitor email campaigns

How to embed video in Campaign Monitor email campaigns when uploading a HTML template

In this tutorial you will learn how to create, embed and send a Video Email that plays directly in the inbox, using Campaign Monitor and Playable.

Playable makes it quick and easy to embed video content within your email campaigns, it’s designed for use by marketers with who want to evolve their email campaigns and enjoy significant shifts in click through and engagement.

Video emails by Playable are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly and can be sent using all the popular email platforms, including Campaign Monitor.

Playable reaches 95% of all your email recipients with native video, with the remaining 5% receiving an automatically created screenshot of your video.

1. Log into your Campaign Monitor account

Once logged in simply follow the process to commence setting up a new campaign as follows:

  • Choose a regular or A/B split campaign.
  • Define the campaign and sender details by adding a Campaign name, Subject line and from address details.
  • Hit the “Next” blue green at the bottonm of the form.

2. Choose a starting point

Select the “Import HTML” (blue button) option in the left hand menu to enable you to upload your HTML template.

If you are using the Campaign Monitor Template builder please contact us.

3. Select the HTML file you wish to import

Import your the HTML for your email template, or alternatively you can enter the URL of your template to import it from the web.

Once you have selected your HTML file or entered the URL for the file click the green “Import” button.


Create your Video content at Playable

The next stage is to create the Video content which you wish to feature in your email campaign. The following steps walk you through this process.

4. Create your Playable Account

If you are new to Playable you can create a new account. All new accounts are offered the opportunity to test drive the platform with 100 free plays.

You can upgrade your plan or purchase extra plays as needed.

5. Create your Video Content

To create your video content click the red “Add Video” button at the head of the page.

6. Video Type 

From the Pop up select the “Editor” option

7. Name your Video

Choose a Video Title for your Video content so you can find it later when you reach the embedding phase of the process

8. Upload your Video File to Playable

You can upload your Video to Playable by either selecting your video file from your computer, dragging it into the editor screen or entering a URL of where it is hosted be it on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove or any popular video hosting platform. Playable can handle all the popular video formats including mp4, avi, mov and flv.

Once you have selected your video click the “Continue” button to upload your video file.

9. Edit your Video Email

Your video is now ready for editing. Our editor is designed to enable you to create a 10 second video from the full-length video you uploaded. It is this 10 seconds that will be published in your video email. In the editor you can crop the video to focus on your key content and select multiple clips to make up the 10 seconds. As you are creating your video email the editor will show you the duration of each clip and allow you to preview your edit and re edit until you are happy with your final cut. For a full preview of our editor features visit our Editor Page

To ensure your video fits perfectly into the allocated spot of your email template you can select the width and height that you’d like the final video to be published at. Once you have your final cut click “Continue”.

10. Enhance your Video Email

You are now ready to add any enhancements to your video email including captions, a watermark, end card or footer. Simply select the enhancements you wish to add and follow the onscreen prompts to add your chosen enhancements. You can also add a link to where any clickers on the video should be re directed, this will generally be the page where the hull video is hosted. You now have completed creating your video email so click the compile button.

Playable now compiles this video creating over a hundred versions which will be used to ensure each recipient receives the video file most suitable for their device, bandwidth and connection.

11. Video Email has been created

Your video email has been successfully compiled so now it’s time to start thinking about embedding this video within your email template. The first step in this process is to select Campaign Monitor as the email platform that you are using to send your campaign from the drop down options.

To embed the video email you have created you now simply need to copy the HTML shown and paste this into the position where you’d like the video to appear within your template. This is usually simply replacing an image.

12. Copy and Paste the Playable HTML Code

Having copied the HTML code from the Playable console you now need to go back to the campaign you have set up in Campaign Monitor and go to the content section where you will be given the option to “Edit your HTML“, select this option.

Now scroll through the HTML to find the position where you wish to embed the  within your template. Once you have located the correct spot paste the Playable HTML code into the template and click the green “Save changes” button

13. Preview your Video Email

Once you save the HTML you will be given the option to “preview” your template. By selecting this you will be presented with a preview of the template including the Video in a seperate tab to your Campaign Monitor Account.

14. Add Recipients

All that is left to do now is to test the email as per your normal processes and select whom you wish to send the campaign to.

Once you have purchased your Plays you’ll be ready to send either immediately or by scheduling using the Campaign Monitor scheduling feature.