How to embed video in your Christmas email campaign

It's easy to add video to your holiday email campaign to entertain and engage with your customers with our how to guide.

Bring your holiday greeting emails to life with video

Holiday video emails are fun, more personal, and they’re also surprisingly easy to create, even if you don’t have any video content, don’t despair we have a solution for that. Whether you are simply looking to send your customers a holiday greeting or engage with your customers to drive some December sales a holiday Video Email is a proven way to engage, connect and entertain your audience.

This holiday season we are providing 3 Free video emails for use in your festive video email campaigns, check them out here

Step by Step guide on how to create a holiday video email or Christmas Video Card

1. Video Content

If you have created your seasonal video clip you are ready to go and step 1 is sorted, if you don’t have any video to use you’ll need to source some content. All the popular stock video sites offer seasonal video clips that are perfect for video email, and all are available for immediate download with all file formats guaranteed to work with Playable. The video we included in our 2017 Seasonal Greeting video email, shown opposite, was purchased from Videohive for $15. Four of the popular stock video sites offering seasonal video clips are featured below:

  • Shutterstock – 1,000’s of holiday video clips to choose from priced from $30. 
  • Adobe Stock – 1,000’s of holiday video clips starting from $30.
  • Videohive – 100’s of christmas video clips priced from $10
  • Pixabay – Over a 100 holiday video clips available for free. 

Alternatively you may choose to select some festive content from YouTube or Vimeo (e.g. search Christmas Greetings), once you have found the content you like simply copy and paste the URL of the video and import it into Playable.

2. Video email clip

Having decided on your video content it’s now time to prepare this clip for use in your email campaign. During this step you will upload your video content to Playable, where you will have the option to edit your content, (we recommend the clip be a maximum of 10 seconds duration) add a link and enhancements such as an end-card or footers. Details of these 4 steps are outlined below: 

Step 1. Select your Video. Drag and drop your video content into the Playable console or provide a URL and we’ll import your content. Playable works with all the popular video formats.

Step 2. Edit your Video content to create a 10 second clip. This is the content that will play within the email, we recommend 10 seconds, as that’s the optimum for a quality user experience and perfect for delivering impact and driving response.

Step 3. Enhance your video snippet. Here you have the option to add some enhancements to your video email designed to help drive engagement and clicks.

Step 4. Compile your Video email content. This is where Playable works its magic, you simply click the Compile button and Playable will create your video email content. Within 60 seconds you’ll be presented with a piece of HTML, this contains your Video Email content. Once you are happy with your video mail clip it’s now time to think about adding it to your email campaign.

3. Add your Video Email clip to your Email campaign

Playable works with all the popular email platforms to send video email campaigns. Playable is integrated with a number of email platforms including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Emarsys making it super easy to embed your video in your email without touching any code.If you use another email platform it’s still easy to embed your video in your email by simply copy and pasting the Playable HTML code into your email template.  

4. Send your Video email

Once you have embedded your video in your email proceed to test as normal and then send to your list.

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