How to embed video in your Emarsys email

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How to embed video in your Emarsys email campaigns

In this tutorial you will learn how to create, embed and send a Video Email using Emarsys and Playable, that plays automatically at the moment of opening the email.

This tutorial covers the approach where the Playable Add-on has not yet been added to the Emarsys account.

If you have added the Playable Add-on to your Emarsys Account watch our Add on Tutorial here

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1. Create an email in Emarsys

Once logged into your Emarsys account simply proceed to create a Custom HTML email as normal.

Whist creating this be mindful that you will need to allocate a position within the email template for where you wish to include the video.

A simple way to do this is to include an image as a placeholder in your email template.


2. Playable Console – create your video content.

You are now going to create the video content which is to be embedded in your email.

The first step is to select “Add a Video” which commences the video creation process.

If this is the first time you have used Playable no Videos will show on this page, just the prompt to “Add Video“. When you re-visit this page to cretae future videos all your previous video will be shown on this page.

4. Upload your Video

Create a title for your Video, this will be used to locate it in the future in your Playable account and in reporting. Referencing the dimensions of the image position holder in the email template you created you can now enter the size of the video content you are looking to create, or keep the optimum size as suggested by Playable.

You can upload your Video to Playable by either selecting your video file from your computer, dragging it into the editor screen or entering a URL of where it is hosted be it on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove or any popular video hosting platform.

Playable can handle all the popular video formats including mp4, avi, mov and flv. Once you have selected your video click the “Apply” button to upload your video file.

5. A Summary of your Video

Once you have uploaded your video it will be shown on the “Summary” page.

Playable automatically creates a 10 second version of your video which is shown here, this can be changed later if you wish. 

6. Setting the default image

Circa 5% of your recipients will not have the ability to experience video playback within their email.

To ensure these users experience is not compromised an image will be shown to these recipients in place of the video content. Here we will select a still image from the Video footage which will be shown to these recipients.

To set this image click the “Advanced” prompt. We automatically select an image to be used from the Video Footage, this is shown in the Alt Image section, if you are happy with this, simply click “Apply“, if you wish to select a different image or upload a specific image follow the onscreen instructions for these options.

7. Edit your Video 

Having completed the configuration of your “Video” it is now time to edit your video. To commence this click the “Editor” option in the left hand Navigation bar.

When editing your Video we recommend a maximum duration of 10 seconds. Our editor is designed to enable you to create a 10 second video email from the full-length video you uploaded. It is this 10 seconds that will be published in your video email. In the editor you can crop the video to focus on your key content and select multiple clips to make up the 10 seconds.

As you are creating your video email the editor will show you the duration of each clip and allow you to preview the edit and re edit until you are happy with your final cut. Once you are happy with your edit click the “Continue” button.

For a full preview of our editor features visit our Editor Page

8. Add enhnacements to your Video Email

You are now ready to add any enhancements to your video email including captions, a watermark, end card or footer. Simply select the enhancements you wish to add and follow the onscreen prompts to add your chosen enhancements.

You can also add a link to where any clickers on the video should be re directed, this will generally be the page where the hull video is hosted. You now have completed creating your video snippet so click the “Compile” button.

Playable now compiles this video creating over a hundred versions which will be used to ensure each recipient receives the video file most suitable for their device, bandwidth and connection.

9. Interaction – Add a Click through URL

Click “Interaction” in the left hand navigation bar. As the video is playing within the recipients email you have the option to include a click action within the video.

This click action can either open a URL or continue to play the video and audio on the device, having selected the option you will then need to add the details to support this and finally click the tick to save this. 

10. Sample your Video Email

Here you can sample your video email including any enhancements you have added. Before you add your Video Email to your the email template you created earlier you can send a sample of the video to yourself and colleagues to check all is looking good when it arrives in the inbox.

You can add a message at the head of these emails if you wish, this can be useful when you are circulating for internal feedback. Once you are happy with the sample click “Publish” in the left hand navigation bar.

11. Copy the Playable HTML snippet

Click ‘Embed‘ and choose ‘Emarsys‘ from the dropdown.

Click ‘Copy to Clipboard’ to copy the Playable HTML snippet.

This is the Playable HTML code which will embedd your video clip within your Emarsys template.

12. Paste the HTML snippet into your email template

Return to the Emarsys content editor, and click on ‘Toggle HTML Source’ to reveal the HTML source of your email campaign.

Paste in the Playable HTML snippet in position that you want to display your video.

You can now continue to test and publish your video email using Emarsys in the normal way.

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