Embed full & clear sound to your Video Email

Engage your audience with a truly multi sensory experience without leaving their inbox by including sound in your video email.

Video email with sound

For a truly multi-sensory experience include audio in your Video Email.

Playable’s Audio is compatible with all Apple products using Apple Mail. This represents 45% of the email universe, with the remaining 55% will continue to experience your video with sound by clicking through to the hosted video.

Video with Sound lets your customers watch the Video Email upon open. Then with a single touch Playable opens a HD Video with Sound that plays directly within the email. Just think of the opportunities to elevate your storytelling with this seamless video experience.

How does it work and how widely is it supported?

mail clients do not support audio in email for ‘autoplay’ videos. So all Video Emails will open with NO sound.

Consumers like to have that control now, much like the ‘Tap to unmute’ you currently see with social videos. Also, we know from our own experience everyone seems to prefer no sound for the autoplay video.

The good news is; Playable’s video with sound feature plays HD Video with Sound, while they are still in the email, to give them that seamless experience. In our Click Action menu you will see the option ‘Play video and audio natively on device‘. This is where you setup the video (either a file or live stream) that will play once the video email is tapped…much like the ‘Tap to unmute’ you get with social videos.

This feature is compatible with all Apple products using Apple Mail. This represents 45% or more in your part of the email universe; some campaigns get as high as 60-70%. The rest continue their Video Email experience by tapping through to the hosted video.

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