Video Email works with all Email Platforms

Playable generates a HTML snippet, tweaked to your email platform, that you simply Copy & Paste into your current workflow and easily embed video within your email.
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Playable is literally Copy & Paste integration with all popular email platforms

Playable does not send your email campaigns.

Instead, Playable works with your choice of email platform, to add video to your email campaigns. Playable generates an HTML snippet for your email platform, that you simply Copy & Paste into your current workflow, with any email publishing or marketing automation system. If your preference is to use the template builders provided by your email provider, the good news is that Playable is integrating with many of these to create a seamless process for embedding video straight into your template.

We are currently integrated with many of the major ESP’s including Mailchimp, LISTRAKSendGrid, Bronto and Salesforce.

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Click below to view the guide on how to send a video email with your preferred email service provider. If your email service provider is not listed, here’s our standard guide: How to embed video in your email campaign with Playable.

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