How to make your Social Video Marketing more effective

Playable adds AI and data science to the video content process to deliver more predictable and effective social video marketing campaigns

How to make your Social Media Video perform better

Playable uses previous video campaign data to train its AI on what works best, and then uses this AI to automatically edit your next video campaigns for optimal engagement.

The video opposite provides a glimpse of this frame by frame analysis in action where computer vision is being used to watch every pixel of every frame, to identify the objects, events, faces, and sentiments of a video.

Different predictive models are created for different success metrics, depending on your marketing objectives. Typical objectives against which models are developed include viewing duration, click-through rate, number of shares, or downstream conversion metrics, such as basket or checkout events.

Data driven Social Media Video Creation in 3 steps

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1. Computer Vision Analysis

Upload one of your existing videos, maybe a TV ad or some long form video content from YouTube or maybe a previous Facebook ad. Computer vision watches and analyzes your video. It detects faces, objects, words and analyses every frame. Plus the sounds, the speed, the order, colors.

The technology has been built in conjunction with a videographer with 100’s of elements of the craft captured.

2. Data driven video edits

The AI then uses the data from previous video campaigns to generate new videos. Theoretically, it can make an infinite amount but it starts with 10 – 50. Some edits are shorter, some are faster, some focus on people, some on objects.

The AI also considers the importance of brand and messaging, with the inclusion of branding and key messaging within the video either from content within the source video, or by adding logos and text overlays.

3. Test and Optimize

Playable is integrated with Facebook and Instagram making it simple to publish up to 10 different versions of your Video ad, each featuring a different AI generated video edit.

The results of all tests are fed back to further train the AI on the videos performance. This continuous feedback loop is designed to exploit all the learnings and drive the effectiveness of all future campaigns.


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