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Playable Features: Email Platform Integration

Video Email Integrates With Any Email Platform

Enable your existing email platform with Playable’s video email marketing

Playable est Literally Copy & Paste Integration

Playable is focused on a seamless, quick, and easy process to add high-quality & live streaming videos to email marketing campaigns.

Simply select the Email Platform (ESP) from the drop-down of email providers and copy & paste the Optimized Embed Code into the Bloc de code within the email template.

Other integtration options are available with major email platforms to connect accounts with Playable to simply point & click to add videos directly to email templates within the ESPs dashboard.

Playable’s integration ensures that all emails continue to be sent via the email platform, with NO access to private or sensitive information.

Playable’s Partenaires de la plateforme de messagerie

Playable enjoys working with email providers from all around the world to keep evolving the best user experiences for their customers.

If you want to add your Email Platform to our growing list, please Cliquez ici.

For Email Providers that would like to become a Playable Partner, please Click Here.

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