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Insights From The Playable Team

Top 5 Video Email Best Practices For Beginners

Start your video email marketing with insights from the Playable team

Playable Insights: Helping You Succeed in Video Email Marketing

Video ❤️ Email

Agrega fácilmente videos a tus campañas de marketing por correo electrónico.

Video de alta calidad que se reproduce automáticamente en el 99% de bandejas de entrada.

Tecnología de Video Email patentada que funciona con cualquier plataforma de correo electrónico.

Aumenta las reproducciones de videos

El video es el contenido más atractivo. El correo electrónico es el canal más confiable.

Empiece a enviar su mejor contenido a su mejor audiencia .

Maximiza el alcance y el ROI de tu video marketing.

Optimiza el engagement

El video estimula el interés y el deseo más que cualquier otro tipo de contenido.

Los espectadores de video email están mejor calificados para tomar acción post-click.

Obtén más clicks. Vende más cosas.

1. It Begins With Quality Source Videos

For video email, different email clients (e.g. Apple Mail, Gmail, etc) support different video formats (e.g. MP4, HEVC, GIF, etc). So Playable creates multiple versions of the video in all the supported formats, ensuring the video email is optimized to the individual as they open the email.

The best video email campaigns start with a High-Quality Source Video. This will generate the best quality versions for all email clients.

Playable recommends a source video to be twice the size of how it will appear in the email and of a high-quality video format. For example, for a 600w video email, the source video is 1200w and at least an MP4.

For a full compatibility list refer to Supported Video In Email Formats By Email Clients

2. Optimize The Video For Video Email Marketing

The primary goal of an email is to ‘hook‘ a user into clicking through to browse and purchase. If the email satisfies their curiosity the clicks decline, so there are a few basic options to maximize the effectiveness of video email engagement:

2.1 No sound drives more clicks

The absence of sound drives users to click through to see the full video with sound. As sound is not supported by email clients or demanded by users this is very effective at driving click-thru behavior.

>> More about no sound.

2.2 Duration influences behavior

Email is not the place to watch long videos. Video emails that last 8 to 15 seconds are more successful. So think like a movie trailer, excite, inform & engage quickly to have users click-thru wanting more.

>>More about duration.

2.3 Edit and enhance the video

Videos need to be fresh to be effective. Playable’s online editor gives you the tools to create multiple versions (increasing ROI) and add enhancements to the video to drive a stronger CTA (Call To Action).

>>More about the editor.

2.4 Size and placement of video

Videos on top of an email, or above the fold, are the most effective. The size, or aspect ratio, can vary to suit the campaign. For example, a mobile-first email is a 9:16 ratio, a 21:9 is a cinematic look, y 4:5 resembles social media.

3. A Clear & Strong Call To Action (CTA)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth 1.8 million words.

Video’s strength is the ability to convey a lot of information quickly, driving increased post-click activities of well-informed users and their propensity to browse, interact, and purchase. A CTA delivered within the video is proven to deliver the best results.

4. Plan The Post-Click Experience

The most successful video email campaigns ‘hook‘ the user into wanting to know more, see more, and buy more. So the importance of the post-click experience directly relates to conversion success.

For generations, we watch movie trailers to drive our desire to see the movie. Video emails are very similar. So what happens after the video email becomes an essential element in the user journey.

Playable recommends staying away from ‘dead ends‘ like YouTube. Focus on website landing pages where users can watch the full video with the sound, website traffic & SEO are increased, and most important purchases are made immediately.

5. Add Video To Journey & Periodical Campañas

Video emails deliver the best first impression, convey details quickly, attract attention, showcase products & services, and remind users what is missing or leaving behind.

Creating video emails for Welcome Series, Boletines, Abandon Carts, Event Invitations, Product Launches, Winback, and other similar campaigns not only drives uplifts and engagement for these email journeys but also highlights innovation in your video email marketing.

Ver es Creer

Ingresa tu email para enviar un video de muestra a tu bandeja de entrada. Pasa el mouse sobre el video para obtener una vista previa de la campaña completa.

Experimente la forma en que lo hace sentir

Capture y comparta esa sensación de la primera impresión de una gran arquitectura con campañas de correo electrónico de video de alta calidad

Video Email HD IDEAL para avances de video juegos

Juegos Los gráficos de alta definición de los videojuegos de última generación se muestran perfectamente en las campañas de video email HD para marketing de última generación.

La Importancia De Emails De Bienvenida

Los emails de bienvenida, los Newsletter y otras campañas de correo electrónico que se envían automáticamente o periódicamente funcionan mejor con videos de alta calidad.

Muestra Los Beneficios De Un Producto Con Video Email

Salud Aptitud física Mostrar los beneficios y los resultados de un producto siempre es mejor con un excelente contenido en video de alta calidad que se pueda mostrar en campañas de email.

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